Virtual Camp 2018 Quiz 6 Simple Motors and Electromagnets Answers


Thank you for taking our quiz! Find the quiz answers below to see how you did:

1. A magnet has two poles: _______ and ______.
E. north, south

2. ____ currents are electrical currents which circulate like conductors.
B. Eddy

3. The first electric motor was invented by _______ in _____.
C. Michael Faraday, 1821

4. In the Michigan Science Center’s DTE Energy Sparks Theater, you can learn even more about electricity and check out a _______ demo.
D. Tesla coil

5. Ordinary magnets are strong, but ________ can be much more powerful and more controlled.
A. electromagnets

We’ll be sending out your child’s free general-admission pass to the Michigan Science Center in Detroit (good Aug. 19-Dec. 31, 2018) at the conclusion of Virtual Camp. We’ll also announce the winner of the $1,000 for college at that time. Meanwhile, head back to the 2018 Virtual Camp from Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center for more fun science experiments, all summer long!