Virtual Camp 2018 Science Lesson 1: DIY Slime Chemistry Science

Virtual Camp: Summer of Science​Lesson 1: It’s Slime Time

Lesson 1: It’s Slime Time

Date: July 13, 2018

Welcome to Lesson 1 of the Virtual Camp from Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center!

​Slime is gross, gooey and a great lesson in science. Best of all, it’s safe and easy to make, and you can customize your own batch in a variety of colors (even adding glitter to the mix!). Along the way, you’ll discover some key chemistry concepts. Here, find out how to make your own DIY slime by watching the video. Then, get the guide for the step-by-step directions plus cool chemistry trivia and extra resources. Take the quiz when you’re done for a chance at great prizes. And don’t forget to snap pix of all the fun you’re having and post to Instagram​ with the hashtag #MPcamp for a chance at winning a $25 Amazon gift card, too!

1. Watch the experiment.

2. Download your free guide.Make some DIY slime of your own and discover some cool chemistry trivia and resources.

3. Take the quizTest your science smarts. Take one quiz to win a free general-admission pass to the Michigan Science Center (good Aug. 19-Dec. 31, 2018). And one lucky kid will win $1,000 for college!

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