Virtual Camp Experiment: Mini Lightsaber Craft

Virtual Camp: ​A Force-ful Invention

Welcome to the Virtual Camp from Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center!

​Who doesn’t love a little Star Wars science fun? There’s plenty of make-believe astronomy in the series, but those lightsabers are positively electric. And now, you can create your own small “card” version – learning loads about electricity in the process.

First, see how it’s done by watching the video. Then, get the guide for the full instructions plus cool electricity trivia and extra resources. Finally, take the quiz when you’re done for a chance at great prizes.

And don’t forget to snap pix of all the fun you’re having and post to Instagram with the hashtag #MPcamp to share your projects!

1. Watch the experiment.

​2. Download your free guide.​

Make a lightsaber card (or two) of your very own, plus learn some cool chemistry science tidbits.

3. Take the quiz. 

Test your science smarts. Take our quiz to test out what you’ve learned in the experiment and guide!

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