Virtual Camp 2019 Experiment 1: Straw Rockets

Blast off into some serious summer fun on July 7, 2019 with this out-of-this-world straw rockets experiment. Learn some flight engineering while you're at it!

straw rocket on a black background with a yellow border

Let’s launch the 2019 Virtual Camp, brought to you by Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center, with our very first experiment of the summer: straw rockets!

It was July 20, 1969 when the Apollo 11 mission landed the first man on the moon. It was an unbelievable feat, all made possible by lots and lots of science.

Want to get a taste of the science they used? Combine physics with some good old creative juices to make your own rocket and launch it into the air with a straw.

Here, find out how to make your own DIY rocket by watching the video. Then, get the guide for the step-by-step directions plus cool physics and space travel trivia and extra resources.

Take the quiz when you’re done for a chance at great prizes.

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And don’t forget to snap pix of all the fun you’re having and post to Instagram with the hashtag #MPcamp!

1. Watch the straw rockets experiment.

Izzy the puppet and her pal Taylor meet up with scientist Rauk at the Michigan Science Center to learn all about flight engineering.

2. Download your free straw rockets guide.

Cover of the 2019 virtual camp experiment one guide

Build a DIY rocket of your own and discover some cool physics and space travel trivia and resources.

3. Take the straw rockets quiz.

Izzy near question marks for the virtual camp quizzes

Test your science smarts.