Watch This, Do That: Despicable Me

The Minions are some of the most beloved sidekicks of all time. Celebrate them with some activities based on their breakout flick with our Watch This, Do That: Despicable Me edition.

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Watch the original of this movie franchise mostly known for the adorable yellow minions. Criminal mastermind Gru is on the mission to steal the moon, but he needs a shrink ray to complete the task. He decides to use three orphan girls in his grand scheme when they think he wants to adopt them. 

While Gru strives to be evil, we soon learn that a villain can have a heart, too. Spending time with the orphans teaches him many lessons that you can share with your kids too. Here are some to discuss:

  • Focus on joy. In the beginning of the movie, we see Gru do some pretty despicable things to make others upset. He soon learns that you shouldn’t go out and try to make others upset for your own advantages. This is a good lesson for kids to bring more happiness to the world. 
  • Teamwork is key. Even villains need a team to get things done. Gru wouldn’t be able to accomplish his missions without the minions and Dr. Nefario. He knows when to ask for help and kids can realize the importance of teamwork will help them go far. 
  • Compassion comes in many forms. The relationship between Gru and the orphan girls is rocky at the start. He doesn’t seem to care about them, even though they’re longing for a parent in their life. Throughout the movie, Gru realizes how much he loves them and decides to be a devoted father going forward. 

Movie-inspired activities

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After watching Despicable Me, try these screen-free activities inspired by the movie:

  • “Shrink” the moon. Gru steals the moon with the shrink ray. You can recreate your own mini moon with this fizzing science experiment.  
  • Bake minion cupcakes. If you love the minions as much as we do, you’ll have to make these sweet cupcakes. You’ll need Twinkies!  
  • Play freeze dance. Put on your favorite dance playlist and play a game of freeze dance in honor of Gru’s freeze ray. 
  • Paint minion jars. Who can get tired of the minions? Your kids will love to reuse jars for this easy craft
  • Make a finger puppet book. The girls surprise Gru with a DIY puppet book. Your family can easily make its own with this step-by-step project.

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