Watch This, Do That: Hamilton

The beloved musical has finally hit Disney+. Watch it with the kids and enjoy some activities based on the show with our Watch This, Do That: Hamilton edition.

Photo one from Walt Disney Studios, photo 2 from Vivid Seats
Photo one from Walt Disney Studios, photo 2 from Vivid Seats

Hamilton took Broadway by storm back in 2015. Now, a filmed version of the original musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is streaming on Disney+. Dive into the world of early American history reimagined by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

We learn about Hamilton as he experiences the Revolutionary War and the early days of a new nation. Through war, politics and scandal, here are some lessons to discuss with your older kids:

  • Don’t throw away your shot. Hamilton is “young, scrappy and hungry” and wants to do great things in life. His ambition should inspire us to do more in our life. Teach your kids that they can reach their big dreams if they put hard work into it.
  • Let your voice be heard. The American Revolution shows how Hamilton and others fought for freedom by expressing what they believe in. It’s a lesson that teaches us that we should stand up for ourselves and others. After all, history has its eyes on you.
  • Choose forgiveness. After Eliza loses her first son and is heartbroken from the public humiliation of her husband’s affair, she chooses to forgive Alexander. It’s not an easy choice, but sometimes, it’s the right one. Forgiving others can help us move on to better things instead of focusing on the past. It’s a piece of advice that Burr and Hamilton should have followed before their duel.

Movie-inspired activities

Illustration courtesy of Vivid Seats

Now that you’ve seen Hamilton (and listened to the cast album non-stop), try these screen-free activities inspired by the movie.

  • Reenact scenes paper dolls. This printable set of Hamilton paper dolls includes Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and Elizabeth Schuyler.
  • Bake like it’s 1776. Get a taste of the past with these vintage dessert recipes like Joe Froggers Cookies (soft molasses cookies flavored with rum extract) or this carrot tea cake recipe, once enjoyed by President George Washington.
  • Color away. Even your tweens and teens will enjoy coloring on these Hamilton coloring pages featuring lyrics from the show.
  • Have a lip sync battle. Fo you have what it takes to lip sync the words to songs like Alexander Hamilton or Cabinet Battle #1? Challenge your family members to see who can have the best performance.
  • Read more about Hamilton. If you have history buffs at home, they’ll love nothing more than to devour Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton biography, which inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical.  

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