Claire Charlton

Digital Daisies Connect and Grow

One mom shares her delight at an innovative program that connected the youngest Girl Scouts during the pandemic, offering a springboard for further engagement.

Problem Solving with STEM at Warren Consolidated Schools

Warren Consolidated Schools offers innovative STEM programming for middle and high school students.

Helping Your Preschooler Prepare for Kindergarten

The pandemic has disrupted preschool for so many kids. You can still help your child prepare for kindergarten at home with fun free activities from Build Up Michigan.

When You Suspect Your Child Has a Developmental Delay

All children are individuals, but what they have in common are developmental milestones. If you have concerns about your child’s development, experts at Autism Alliance of Michigan offer tips on what to do next.

Plan for a Low-Stress Summer

When routines change, stress can creep in, especially for the parent of a child with autism. This summer, banish stress with a few simple tips from an expert at Healing Haven.

You Can Address and Move Beyond Pandemic Trauma

We are all feeling COVID’s effects to some degree. An expert from Harbor Oaks Hospital offers words of wisdom about recognizing and moving beyond our collective trauma.

The Roeper School Connects Community Through DEIJ

From its earliest days, Roeper has elevated DEIJ. The work is fluid and continuous, and touches the whole community, says the school’s director of diversity.

Families Stay Rooted When Students Engage in Extracurriculars

Wayne-Westland Community Schools knows that some students need more than academics so they’re building in more sports, fine arts and clubs — with no pay-to-play fee.

The Value of a (Flexible) Summer Routine

Tempted to let your child with autism sleep in, eat meals whenever and play just one more game before bed? An expert from Gateway Pediatric Therapy offers tips for building a summer routine — with a little wiggle room.

‘When We Love Something, We Go Back’

One metro Detroit mom is so happy with her daughter’s summer camp experiences, attending YMCA’s Camp Ohiyesa has become a summer ritual.

Improving Mental Health At School

Educators and student support personnel are helping kids access evidence-based mental health techniques. Can this program grow?

Get the Scoop at Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer

Convenient, perfect-sized grocery shopping experiences are at Holiday Market Select. Pretty soon, even your kids will beg to go shopping. Find out why.
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