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Cradle Cap and Babies

Why does cradle cap affect so many infants, and what should parents do to effectively treat it? Find help and advice here.

Managing Kids’ Collections: Tips for Parents

Many kids love gathering things. Whether it's Shopkins or stamps, though, managing kids' collections is also important. Here's how to keep stashes in check.

Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover: Activities for Girls and Boys

Looking for fun things to do at a sleepover? Keep kids from boredom at your next slumber party with these activities for sleepovers, including recipes and crafts.

How to Cope With Sending Baby to Daycare

Are you ready to send your child to daycare? It's a tough choice for many parents. Here's advice for moms and dads on how to cope with sending baby to daycare.

Make an Adoption Lifebook for Your Child

These scrapbooks for adopted kids are key to helping your child understand his or her past. Learn how to make a lifebook and why it's so important.

Letting Kids Stay Home Alone

Is your tween or teen ready to hold down the fort when mom and dad are away? Figure out what's appropriate for your child – and household.

Green Street Fair in Downtown Plymouth

This family environmental festival returns April 30-May 2, for a third year, teaching parents and kids fun ways to go green.

Charlotte's Web at the Wild Swan Theater in Ann Arbor

Everyone's favorite spider arrives on stage April 29-May 2 to teach families great lessons about friendship.

Toddlers Holding Their Breath as a Tantrum Tactic

When kids don't get their way, some try this trick. While it can be terrifying to parents, can children really hurt themselves? Learn how to handle it.

Nanny Myths, Debunked

No: You don't have to be super wealthy. Learn why this highly personalized childcare option is the right fit for many parents, kids and families.

Awesome iPhone Apps for Parents

Have you swapped your old mobile for an iPhone? Here are 5 cool little 'applications' that can make parenting a bit easier.

Choosing After-School Day Care

Here are some tips on making the right day care choice - and transition - with your kid.
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