Joyce Wiswell

Make Traverse City Your Family Happy Holiday Place

Especially in the weeks before the holidays, there's so much to do in and around Traverse City. Bring the whole family for shopping, dining and all the winter activities this gorgeous Michigan region is famous for.

Creative Solutions Highlight Roeper’s School Year

Across the ages, gifted students at The Roeper School, an independent school in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, are thriving with flexible in-person and at-home learning.

Why Right Now Is the Perfect Time to Become a Girl Scout

With the chance to make friends and share experiences, "there is no downside," says Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan CEO Monica Woodson.

Head to Traverse City for Fab Fall Family Fun

The best part about Traverse City in the fall? The beautiful views, of course! Or is it the long list of things to do? Spoiler alert: It's both.

Top Tips for Starting the School Year With a Student Who Learns Differently

It's a crazy year for everyone and kids who learn differently may need extra care to start the school year right. Pete Pullen from Eton Academy in Birmingham offers tips that work for the whole family.
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