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Mom of Four is Crowdfunding Her Tummy Tuck

She posted a picture of her post-baby belly and is asking people to donate toward her goal of $5,000 for the procedure. Would you give her money for this?

School Says Girls Must Dance With Boys When Asked

An elementary school in Utah isn't concerned if a girl doesn't want to dance with a classmate. She still has to say 'yes' when asked.

Gum Facts, Valentine’s Day Jewelry Spending, More

Find out how much gum we chew, money we spend on V-Day bling, plus more stats and facts for the month of February.

Why is My Potty Trained Child Regressing?

Wondering, 'Why is my potty trained child regressing after being on track with toilet training? A local doc weighs in.

Mom Makes Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Pay Rent

An Atlanta mother feels it's never too early to help her daughter learn the value of a dollar. Would you adopt her money method with your kids?

List of 1980s Films for Kids and Teens

Expand your child's movie knowledge with this list of 1980s films that they're sure to enjoy – and you won't mind watching again.

The Best Quick Workout at Home: Routines for Moms

Need to find the best quick workout at home? Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Designer Accused of Being a Pedophile, Defends Photo of 9-Year-Old Drag Queen

The owner of LGBT shop House of Mann is under fire for his using a 9-year-old drag queen as a model for his shop.

Dad’s Wacky Snowbound Lemonade Stand Pictures Go Viral

This New York father just wants people to have the courage to be themselves, even if that means wearing summer gear in near-record low temperatures.
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