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Myrna Beth Haskell

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When Your Teen Won't be Caught Dead in Public with You

Your kid sometimes wishes you'd just disappear. Sound familiar? Here is advice and tips on how to parent a teenager who is embarrassed to go out with you.

Parenting Teens: Tips for When Parents Don't Like Their Teen's Friends

Kids' pals rubbing you the wrong way? Here's advice for parents on constructively getting to the heart of the issue, with yourself and with your child.

Girls and Labels: Stopping the Negative Name Calling

Good girls are calling themselves derogatory names, and thanks to rap music and television, it's the norm. How can you get your daughter to stop?

TV, Video Game and Music Content Ratings and Tweens and Teens

These guidelines aren't exactly one-size-fits-all. Parents need to dig deeper to discover what's appropriate for their kids. Here's some tips and advice to help.