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Introducing Different Cultures to Your Kids Through Books About Diversity

Exposing kids to different cultures is important all year long. Here's a list of some great books about diversity that families can read together to increase their cultural awareness.

First Children's Finance Ensures a Great Start for Kids

Monica Duncan and her organization have been leading the charge to ensure Detroit's child care providers are top-notch and savvy.

Racquet Up Detroit: Expanding Students' Horizons

At Racquet Up Detroit, students learn how to play squash, get to travel around the country and get academic support to give them the best chance of success.

Getting the Most Out of Your Baby’s Photo Shoot

Planning to capture your baby's precious years through professional photo shoots? Get tips on making it a great experience for you and baby.

Thigh Gap Fixation Could Lead to Eating Disorders Among Teenage Girls

The newest Internet craze depicts an unattainable figure that young women are eagerly trying to achieve. Could this be the latest cause of body issues and eating disorders?

Photo of Mom Nursing Child Flagged as Porn on Facebook

A special moment between a mother and her child caused quite a stir on the social media site. Does is really violate the website's rules – or are other users just quick to judge?

New Studies Uncover Possible Early Detection of Autism

Two recent findings may help identify autism in the first few months of life - and assist in reducing its prevalence. A local autism expert weighs in.

Mothers Use Private Facebook Group to Bully Toddlers

Cyberbullying typically involves tweens and teens, but a new group has jumped on the bandwagon: moms. They took to the social media site to bash a bunch of toddlers, some disabled or with genetic disorders.