From the January 2018 issue

Minivan Makeover: Best New Family Features in SUVs, Crossovers, More

The ol' swagger wagon's more winsome than wince-worthy these days. Here's how today's fleet of SUVs, crossovers and, yes, minivans are giving families a whole new ride.

When we bought our minivan 15 years ago, the dealer simply asked, “What color?” There was no discussion of features or horsepower – he knew why we were buying: convenience. There’s still no equal to a minivan’s roomy interior and practicality, although several crossovers and SUVs are coming close. While they may never have the cool factor of a sports car, today’s minivans come loaded with innovative family-friendly features that make trade-off trivial. Not convinced? We dug into some of the latest models’ perks that just might have you eyeballing a new minivan – or one of its relatives.
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