What’s the Best Fitness Watch for Kids?

Looking for the best fitness watch for kids? We've rounded up six of the top fitness watch options to help motivate your child to get moving.

In an age of technology, most kids would rather stay inside and watch television,
play video games or browse the internet. Sometimes they need a little nudge to get going and to do any type of physical activity. But, if they had of these fitness watches, they would be reminded to get up and get moving!

Want to purchase a fitness watch for your kid – but aren’t sure which one is the best? Peek at these six options below.

Fitbit Ace

The newest of the bunch is making its debut in late-May 2018. For the first time, kids ages 8-13 will be a part of the “fitbit fam.” This Alta-lookalike is showerproof and has five days of battery life. The watch tracks sleep, steps and encourages the wearer to stay active. The adjustable band comes in two colors – blue and purple – and sells for $99.95.

Garmin vivofit jr. 2

This is the upgraded version of the last kids’ watch from Garmin. There’s a color screen and for the first time, Garmin teamed up with Disney to bring a range of branded designs – including Star Wars, Minnie Mouse and The Avengers. It monitors sleep and reminds kids to be active in a fun way – unlocking more stuff after 60 minutes of daily activity. This watch is for kids 4-plus and is $79.99.

LeapFrog LeapBand

This watch has a really cool feature for kids ages 4-7. For $29.99, children can take care of a virtual pet, without even knowing they are getting a workout. This watch challenges kids to walk, run, jump and dance – in order to buy new things for their pet. The LeapBand comes in three colors: blue, pink and green.

nabi Complete

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The silicone watch comes in four colors – blue, pink, red and yellow and also has a Barbie and Hot Wheels addition. It’s designed for ages 6-plus and runs off a watch battery. The app links to famous places so kids can compare their steps to the length of places all over the world. The watch is sold in pairs and is available for $39.99.

Sqord Activity Tracker

This waterproof watch comes in multiple colors: green, blue, orange, pink, black, white and red. It’s for ages 8-14 and has a 9-month battery life. Kids can download the app to earn awards, customize their own character and challenge their friends and family members. It’s $39.95.

Kids Power Band

UNICEF and Target teamed up to make this kids fitness watch. It encourages them to be active and helps feed undernourished children all over the world. This step-counter comes in blue, green, black and orange – and has Star Wars versions in black and green. The band is available for $39.99.