Ultimate Travel Guide for Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor Families

Family vacations are memories that kids will cherish for a lifetime, but getting there isn’t always the easiest feat. 

You have to decide on a place that everyone is excited about and plan out what to do once you get there. Plus, there’s packing worries, potential paperwork to complete and tickets to wrangle — not to mention the tiny issue of actually having fun. 

At Metro Parent, we know that planning vacation can be stressful on mom and dad, so we put together our best family travel content in one free, easy-to-bookmark spot. 

From vacation packing checklists to roadside attractions and passport tips to must-visit destinations, this family travel guide features everything that parents need to make their vacation planning a breeze. 

Take a look to find what you need and get to planning your next family trip, today. 

Happy travels! 🧳

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So much goes into planning a vacation that the trip is oftentimes overshadowed by all the prep work.  Lighten your load and get your questions answered with our family travel tips. Here, you’ll find everything from packing checklists to information on flying with kids, ways to slash your family’s vacation food budget and what to do if your passport is stolen. We even offer information on spelunking, how to plan a vacation with your family friends, what you need to know about vacation rentals and much more.

Vacation Checklist for Kids to Help Them Pack for a Trip

Learning how to fill up their own suitcases is a valuable skill for kids. This vacation checklist for kids can help them pick and pack like a pro.

Advice for Flying With Children

Flying with children for your next trip? Here, learn how to have safe, happy airplane travel with kids from babies all the way to teens.

Taking a Family Vacation with College Students

Kids who've flown the coop will always be part of the family. Why not take a special trip with them? Here's how to plan a family vacation with college students.

5 Ways to Slash Your Family’s Vacation Food Budget

Wondering how to pinch a few pennies on your next trip? Assessing and trimming your vacation food budget is a prime place to start. These tips can help.



Sure, it might be an awesome experience to load the kids onto a plane and fly off to some magical destination a world over — but sometimes it’s nice to explore everything offered near your home.  And believe it or not, Michigan is a prime destination for families to enjoy.  Our little mitten state offers ample opportunities to go stargazing or take a boat cruise. Plus, we have plenty of all-inclusive resorts and can’t-miss tourist spots such as the Upper Peninsula or Mackinac Island Sound like fun? Here are staycation suggestions that your family is sure to love.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Michigan for Families or Parents

Are you looking to get away with your family or spouse? Check out the all-inclusive resorts in Michigan for some family fun or alone time with your significant other.
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Any Midwesterner knows that there’s no vacation like a road trip vacation.  In fact, many families in our neck of the woods don’t mind a 12-hour drive to their chosen destination — and we at Metro Parent love to see a good road trip, because all that time in the car makes for ample family bonding time. Still, kids can get pretty bored of calling out cows and watching cities or corn fields pass by, so we’ve gathered up a bunch of fun ways to enjoy your road trip.  Check out dinosaur destinations, Midwest caves and more ideas on where to stop on your next ride. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Road Trip Guide for even more tips and tricks!

Safe Summer Road Trip Tips for Your Family Vacation

Ready to pack up the kids and car and get out of town? Brush up on advice on avoiding distractions and driving safely to ensure a safe summer road trip.

Make It an Epic Summer with These Outdoor Travel Destinations

Feed the travel bug while keeping your family safe.

Experience Thrilling Family Adventures at Cedar Point

Here’s everything you need to know about making your yearly trip to America's Rockin' Roller Coast in 2024.

The Ultimate Guide to Dinosaur Attractions in the Midwest

Go on the ultimate dino hunt on your next family road trip.

Magnificent Waterfalls Worth the Drive From Metro Detroit

Check out our list of must-see waterfalls in the Midwest to plan your trip.

Incredible Midwest Destinations to Visit with Your Family in 2024

Need a break? Jump in the car and hit the road!

Best Family Road Trip Ideas: Fun Places to Take the Kids

Say no to planes and trains and yes to the automobile for your summer getaway with the kids. Find some awesome family road trip ideas here.

Coolest Caves in the Midwest for Michigan Families to Visit

These caves in the Midwest are great vacation destinations that give local parents and kids a truly underground family experience!



You’ve done it. You’ve saved up the money and the time off work to take that huge family vacation that you’ve been dreaming about for years — but how do you even begin to start planning it?  First thing is to decide where you want to go. You could take a cruise or hike the mountains of Colorado. Or perhaps a trip to Mexico or Niagara Falls is in order this year? New Orleans? Chicago? Hocking Hills? Disney? Whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered with everything that you need to know to make the most of your trip.

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