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Holiday Fun Guide to Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor in 2018

Fun things to do in southeast Michigan, from Christmas shows in Detroit and Ann Arbor Christmas events to holiday cookie recipes and easy Christmas crafts for kids.

Metro Parent Guide to Helping Your Aging Parents 2018-19

Details on senior housing, health, finances and more for parents in the 'sandwich generation.'

Metro Parent Winter Fun Guide

Winter Fun Guide to Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor in 2018-19

Keep your family busy with all of these events and and venues, and you'll have no time left for cabin fever this December, January and February.

Guide to College Planning

Metro Parent Guide to College Planning

Your one-stop shop for choosing, preparing for, affording, applying to and attending college.

Kids Birthday Party Planner

Kids Birthday Party Planner for Southeast Michigan

Discover awesome kids birthday party places in Michigan, cool party themes, birthday cake ideas, tips for a slime party, teen parties and more.

Pregnancy & Baby Resource Guide for Southeast Michigan

Pregnancy & Baby Resource Guide for Southeast Michigan

Where are birthing centers in Michigan? Daycares near me? How can I find playgroups in my area? Find the answers in our FREE directory download.

Summer Fun Guide to Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor in 2018

For fun in southeast Michigan with kids, Metro Parent has you covered with fairs, festivals, theme parks, nature and game centers and lots more.

Unique Independent Kids Stores in Southeast Michigan

Unique Independent Kids Stores in Southeast Michigan

Tired of the chains? Shop local. Discover cool toy and retail stores in Metro Parent’s FREE Unique Independent Kids Stores guide.

Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids

Worst Household Safety Hazards for Kids and How to Avoid Them

Unchecked household risks can lead to injury or tragedy. Create strong safety rules at home for kids using this guide that unlocks the top 10 hidden dangers.

How to Pick the Perfect Kids Summer Camp in Michigan

How to get ready for summer camp, campfire recipes, how to help a homesick child and loads more Michigan summer camps advice.


Top Children’s Common Illnesses and Treatments

From strep throat in kids and the common cold to head lice, this children’s diseases list helps you identify and treat kids health issues.

18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

18 Ways to Improve Your Child's Intelligence

Learn how to raise an intelligent child with 18 indispensable tips, from how to raise smart babies to raising smart children at any age. Don’t miss out.

Fall Fun Guide to Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor in 2018

Fun places for kids, autumn festivals, the best cider mills in Michigan, kids Halloween crafts, Thanksgiving events and more.

6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You

Gross Things About Pregnancy That Nobody Tells You

Do women poop when they give birth? Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy? Get the answers to top pregnancy gross-out questions.

Best Family Restaurants in Southeast Michigan from A to Z

Best Family Restaurants in Southeast Michigan from A to Z

Want spots to take your kids for dinner where they’re more than welcome? This guide's got the best restaurants from Ann Arbor to Detroit.


European Family Vacations Travel Tips

Explore some of the best countries to visit with kids! Get international travel tips on money, language, flying, food and more to plan your trip.

5 Mistakes Good Parents Make and How To Fix Them

Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make and How to Fix Them

There are many parenting styles. But no matter your approach, there are a few seemingly positive goofs we all make that can have a negative impact on kids.

14 Tips to Improve Picky Eating

Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating in Kids

When a kid is fussy with food, meals can be miserable. No more! From savvy tricks to simple meals for picky eaters, this FREE Metro Parent guide can help.

House Cleaning Checklist by Room

House Cleaning Checklist By Room

Clobber the crud and cobwebs. Tidy the play room, kitchen, bathroom, garage and basement with the FREE Metro Parent House Cleaning Checklist by Room.


Bucket List for Kids: 101 Things Your Kids Should Do Before They Grow Up

There are so many fun things to do with kids in Michigan. This list narrows it down to the top cool activities, attractions and learning experiences to try.

School Success Guide for Kids

How parents can help students be successful all year long, from studying tips to tutoring services and more in southeast Michigan.

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