House Cleaning Checklists by Room

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When seasons change, we see our house in a different light. One that illuminates scuffed walls, scattered toys – and, of course, scurrying dust bunnies. Whether it’s spring fever or just “high time,” one thing’s sure: Washing up your home’s many rooms is a giant task. You need a plan. A housekeeping checklist would be nice.

That’s just what you’ll find in Metro Parent’s FREE House Cleaning Checklist guide. Kitchen cleaning checklist: Yep. Bathroom cleaning checklist: Heck yeah. Bedroom cleaning checklist, office cleaning checklist and living room cleaning checklist? Check, check and check. If you’re grappling with how to keep a clean home, consider this house cleaning guide your personal assistant – with help from pros like Merry Maids, the brand behind Brillo pad and more.