Kids Birthday Party Planner Guide for Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

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Birthdays are a blast! But behind the scenes, we all know they can be a ton of work, too. From staking out a date, time and venue to picking the perfect theme and all the details that go with it – invitations, cake, games, food, activities, goody bags, not to mention cleanup? Phew. It’s a definitely a production, right?

But don’t let that daunting to-do list turn you from go-getter to party pooper. Consider Metro Parent’s Kids Birthday Party Planner a big old gift – just for moms and dads. We took a look at all the components of a successful brouhaha and boiled them down to the basics. Designed with southeast Michigan parents in mind, it’s packed with tips on everything from themes to (gasp!) fewer gifts, not to mention kick-butt hotspots to host at, amazing entertainers and bakeries/cupcake shops that’ll hook you up with a decadent dessert created especially for that little party animal of yours.