Healing Haven

Find out how this behavioral health and autism therapy provider in Madison Heights works with kids 2-16 and their families, featured at the 2022 Living With Autism Workshop.



30821 Barrington St.
Madison Heights, Michigan
Phone: 248-965-3916
Website: thehealinghaven.net


  • ABA therapy
  • ABA parent training
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Counseling
  • Autism testing and assessments

Healing Haven

The mission of Healing Haven is to provide high-quality behavioral health and autism therapy services for families of individuals with autism and other developmental needs between the ages 2 to 16.

Through ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy, Speech and Occupational Therapies, ABA Parent Training, Counseling and Autism Testing and Assessments, families have one location for their child’s services. In addition, we place an emphasis on parent training and stress management for all individuals involved in the child’s care. By addressing the individual child’s behavioral, communication, socialization and play skill challenges, as well as providing emotional support for caregivers navigating a diagnosis, we provide a comprehensive approach to the growing population of families impacted by autism.

Our campus in Madison Heights includes three purposefully-designed clinics:

  • Early Intervention for ages 2-15 years old
  • School Readiness for ages 5-11 years old
  • Life Skills for ages 11-16 years old

We believe in a more natural and holistic approach to ABA therapy to help clients carry over what they are learning into other settings. Our therapists work on skill building, Discrete Trial Training, play, as well as socialization and generalization of what they’ve learned. We also leverage incidental teaching, utilizing the client’s natural interests and motivations.

Healing Haven Campus - Metro Detroit

Interview with Jamie McGillivary, Founder of Healing Haven