Baby Shoes for $250 Cause a Stir Among Parents

What do you think of these ultra-elegant shoes for infants? Worth the splurge or a total waste?

It’s hard to resist the occasional splurge for baby: a $25 rubber teething giraffe, for example, or an expensive first birthday outfit they’ll only wear once.

It’s not exactly sensical, but it’s fun – and if you can afford it, what’s the harm?

That might be the logic behind these $250 Louboutin crib shoes. The limited edition “Loubibabys,” as they’re called, come in blue or pink satin or a shiny gold, Footwear News reports.

The adorable Mary Janes feature Louboutin’s signature red sole and a handmade bow on each. You’ll be able to buy them online at GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s “modern lifestyle brand,” according to a recent Scary Mommy post.

“Considering Louboutin’s adult shoes are anywhere from $600-$1,500 a pop, these miniature kicks are really a steal,” the Scary Mommy author sarcastically notes.

Though the shoes won’t be available until Nov. 16, parents are already abuzz about the new development. In response to a Good Housekeeping video about the Loubibabys on Facbeook, plenty of parents were expressing outrage over the excessive baby purchase.

“If you have $250 for baby shoes, buy a pair for $20 and give $230 to someone that can’t afford shoes!” wrote Linda Devitt.

Other commenters suggested that moms and dads invest in their kids’ college funds instead and many pointed out how quickly infants are sure to outgrow the shoes. It’s the reason why so many infants wear no shoes at all, instead sporting socks for the better part of their first year. In fact, experts say barefoot is best when learning to walk.

“My husband recently bought our 18 month old a $50 pair of shoes,” Emily Johnston commented on the Facebook post. “I thought even that was too much for something she would grow out of so quickly.”

But others say the outrage isn’t fair. If someone has the money and wants to splurge on some fashionable kid shoes, why should they be judged?

“If they work for it, why not? Who is anyone to dictate what any hard working individual should do with their money? If I want to buy my baby 1 or 10 pairs of Louboutin shoes, that’s my business and my business only. PERIOD,” wrote commenter Lizzie Vega.

We can see her point. It’s true that babies outgrow their shoes very quickly, but a pair of Loubibabys could probably be re-sold after that to someone who’s anxious to get their little one the shoes at a discounted price. After all, it’s not like they’ll be getting much wear and tear being worn by an infant who doesn’t walk yet.

Another commenter, Julie Queen, sums it up pretty well: “Very pretty and utterly ridiculous at the same time!”

What do you think of the $250 Louboutin baby shoes? Are they excessive or a cute, over-the-top gift? Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments!

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