G. Michael Kabot, D.D.S., M.S. Family Orthodontics

645 W. 14 Mile Road, Suite 200
Clawson, MI, 48017, US

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On any given day at the office of Dr. G. Michael Kabot, D.D.S., M.S., Dr. Kabot's adorable Maltipoo, Gracie, greets patients. For kids who are extra anxious about their visit to the orthodontist's office, this "employee" Ñ who is a therapy dog that's trained to work with children Ñ provides additional comfort and support.

Gracie's presence at the practice, which has locations in Clawson and Farmington Hills, is an added bonus to the premier orthodontic care that Dr. Kabot and his team have provided to patients of all ages for three decades.

"I love working with people," Dr. Kabot says. "I love biology, chemistry and physics. I love the part of dentistry where you get to use your hands, because I'm a hands-on person."

When it comes to orthodontic care, the earlier kids receive it, the better, he says. In fact, children should be seen around 7-8 years old for an initial orthodontic exam. Treatment is then completed in phases.

Some common childhood issues include having teeth that are crooked and rotated, skeletal imbalances in addition to bite problems.

Young kids tend to be nervous on their first visit, but unlike a traditional dentist's office, Dr. Kabot's office is conveniently missing one of the more intimidating features.

"I always tell kids when they first come in, there are no drills or shots in this office. I don't even have that kind of stuff," he says.

No drills. No tightening of braces. No injections. Nothing painful here.

During a visit, Dr. Kabot and his team walk children through the process and even get them involved in their care.

"I love teaching my kids what I'm doing so they understand what we're doing," he says. "The coolest part is we've actually had 16 of our patients become dentists."

Many of his patients come back and want to do some job shadowing at the practice or even ask for letters of recommendation.

"That's my favorite part of the whole thing," he says.

Kids aren't the only patients to visit Dr. Kabot's office. In fact, he treats many adults who may have had treatment when they were younger and are now having teeth-crowding issues.

With the advent of clear aligners and braces that are made to match the color of their teeth Ñ with wire that is as thin as a hair Ñ getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is hassle-free.

Because family comes first, it's important to keep busy schedules in mind. That's why the average wait time at Dr. Kabot's office is three minutes.

"I'm crazy picky about getting people out of here on time," he says. "People don't ever have to wait."

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Kabot has seen the world of orthodontics change Ñ with new technology and less painful treatment options. And, as things have changed, Dr. Kabot and his team have continued to evolve.

"We are still learning even after 30 years," he says. "It's fun watching all these changes take place."

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 248-280-2944 or visit Dr. Kabot's website.