Brainiac In-Home Tutoring

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Since 2006, Brainiac In-Home Tutoring has provided supportive academic tutoring in the comfort of our students' homes. Through plans based on learning-levels, our professional tutors will focus on specific content, or enhancement of skills, that will promote academic success in math, reading, writing and science, if tutoring occurs at least 2 to 3 days a week for 1 to 2 hours.

We offer standardized test preparation services for various college entrance and ESL tests. Brainiac's standardized test preparation tutors are well-qualified to provide test preparation services to students who are attending traditional/non-traditional accredited public or private schools. In addition, tutors will provide, in most cases, the necessary testing materials to help students perform their best on standardized tests. Also, our standardized test tutors will focus on timed test taking strategies, describe the content and provide specific tips for each section.

Online tutoring is available for upper elementary, high school or college students. Our qualified professional tutors are available to tutor various subjects in the comfort of your home or office within some counties in Michigan and Indiana. Unlike other national tutoring companies, Brainiac In-Home Tutoring gives more individualized attention as well as comprehensible solutions to increase understanding of course content.