The Roeper School

41190 Woodward Ave.
Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48304, US

Education Categories

Number of students: 580 (all grades)
Grades: 6-8, 9-12
Affiliation: Gifted
School snapshot: Internationally renowned for its expertise in gifted education. Supports students' academic, intellectual, emotional and social growth, preparing them for college and beyond.

Metro Detroit parents have many excellent options for schools, but for gifted children, none matches the education offered by The Roeper School. Founded in 1941, the school has an international reputation for its approach to educating gifted children.

The approach pioneered by George and Annemarie Roeper, which continues today, focuses on the whole child while uniquely accommodating the complexity of gifted children. Educationally, it offers the intellectual rigor gifted children crave and allows them to explore personal passions deeply and imaginatively. Emotionally, it embraces the complicated path gifted children travel to maturity as they juggle cognitive and emotional stages that are frequently out of sync. Developmentally, it teaches gifted children, who have a fierce desire to control their own learning, how to do so constructively and responsibly.

The philosophy of the school was shaped by the Roepers' experience as refugees from Nazi persecution. Once in the United States, they vowed to establish a school that would educate children to participate in the world as caring, humane adults while at the same time nurturing their ability to think independently. Roeper students are encouraged to take risks, innovate, ask questions, experiment, collaborate, assume responsibility and learn from consequences. In the fast-changing, globalized culture and economy that awaits our graduates, these skills serve them well.

Another key element of a Roeper education is the strong relationships that develop between students and teachers. Roeper students enjoy the freedom to engage in open intellectual exchanges, which allows them to build authentic and energetic relationships with their peers, teachers, and other adults.

The Roeper School is an independent, day school for gifted students, pre-K through grade 12, with campuses in Bloomfield Hills (pre-K through grade 5) and Birmingham (grades 6-12). Decision-making, problem-solving, social responsibility and leadership are interwoven throughout the school's curriculum. Roeper students receive local and national recognition on a regular basis. Roeper has a strong college preparatory program, with early access to many advanced placement courses, as well as highly regarded fine arts, drama, robotics and athletic departments, all with a no-cut policy.