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First time father, Realtor and attorney Mark Boettcher realized soon after the birth of his son, that his family needed a larger home. An attorney specializing in real estate matters, Boettcher Ñ who additionally obtained his mortgage broker's license Ñ was well equipped to navigate the complex matters that are the mortgage, home buying and selling processes.

The difficulties and obligations required led him to create Lawyers Realty, LLC.

In Michigan today, unfortunately, Boettcher says, "the standard is quite low to become a real estate agent. All a person has to do is take a short class, pass an exam, and then is supposed to be capable of helping a family handle the largest and most important purchase it will make. At Lawyers Realty, we recognize there is so much more to it, and families deserve a true expert negotiator, a seasoned professional who knows what to look for in each unique transaction and an agent with the education to better truly represent their clients' best interests."

With Lawyers Realty, the home buying process begins with a mortgage pre-approval. Lawyers Realty covers the entire series of events with clients and manages all expectations along the way, with constant communication and attention to each family.

"With my mortgage license at Zana Financial, the pre-approval process can be done in-house and with a single credit pull. Our clients' appreciate that their loan can then be shopped by me to more than two-dozen of our lenders, making sure each home buyer is getting their best mortgage deal.

The same goes for sellers. "We begin with a thorough market analysis, to price the home right for each clients' needs and timing requirements," Boettcher notes.

Today, with more than $300 million in real estate transactions behind him, and a team of true professionals to guide clients through the dos and don'ts of listing, borrowing and buying real estate, Boettcher has grown Lawyers Realty into a brokerage for clients who understand the value of a Realtor with the qualifications to expertly handle all the negotiations, documents, title issues, any disputes which arise and closings.

Lawyers Realty has agents closing on transactions from Farmington to Grosse Pointe and Chesterfield to Oxford, and certainly in Detroit with its primary office in Mount Clemens. "Our online Lawyers Realty, Zana Financial or Zillow reviews speak for themselves. Our clients' testimonials say it best for us," Boettcher notes.

Lawyers Realty expertly handles all types of real estate transactions including residential, vacant land, commercial and multi-family properties and the financing needs of each.

Lawyers Realty helps buyers, sellers and borrowers. They've addressed issues including shared driveway disputes; multi-family dwellings' common space arguments; homeowners association issues; title problems; unrecorded encroachments; liens and claims of interest; outrageous earnest money deposits; final walk through discoveries; post-closing matters and other concerns, Boettcher says.

"While other Realtors have to advise their clients that a professional needs to be hired to handle such matters, Lawyers Realty clients have the expertise at hand with their agent and team, for a savings of time, money and grief. Get it right at the beginning of the process, to avoid disputes later," he adds. "This makes the entire experience so much more satisfying for our clients. Just hire the right real estate team. We simply bring another level of value to our clients' business with our education and experience."

"We make it a point to note that each client is made fully aware they are hiring Lawyers Realty as Realtors Ñ not attorneys, to represent them, but the skills are there to assist," he adds.

Now the father of two young sons, Boettcher says he knows what young family homebuyers are going through and wants to help them find the best place to raise their children.

"I look at the safety hazards inherent in homes young families are considering. Hazards some agents may be missing. For example, should or can we install safety gates in proper locations; do we need to address trip or electrical hazards; are more secure (or higher positioned) door locks needed? What are the ingress and egress for family safety along with other items. The methods we use to help clients find the perfect home go beyond regular listings," Boettcher says. "We have even helped clients find and buy homes that were not ever listed."

Many of those clients have turned into close friends, he adds. They've developed long-term relationships, and their kids play with many of their clients' children.

"That's the real reward to us. Raising the standard for our neighbors and fellow Michigan residents, so we may all be a bit more gratified. It all adds value to our customers' experiences" Boettcher says.

Today, the market is changing Ñ again. Prices on houses are up, mortgage rates are rising and metro Detroit inventory is tight.

For those looking to buy a house, they need to be able to move quickly. Delay is costly. Lawyers Realty does everything needed to negotiate a solid deal for its clients, with secure documents from the get go.

For more information about Lawyers Realty and the services it offers, visit Lawyers Realty's website or call 866-LR-LISTS. And you can reach Zana Financial (NMLS # 138616) and Mark Boettcher (NMLS# 379753) at 586-585-4000.