Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center

44225 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite C106
Novi, MI, 48377, US
FROM THE Special Need

For families of the 1 in 59 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, that diagnosis often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and confused on what steps need to be taken to ensure their children have the best possible outcomes.

That's where Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center comes in. This new clinic, which is located in Novi, offers in-home and clinic-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling and art therapy and comprehensive family supports to those impacted by an autism diagnosis.

Blossom supports children up to age 8 with intensive ABA, and children up to age 12 with Speech and Occupational therapies. In addition, counseling services are offered for all ages to support every child, parent and family member dealing with an autism diagnosis.

The Blossom Method

Blossom's mission is to provide the highest quality behavioral therapy in a collaborative environment, and the Blossom team achieves this mission by utilizing The Blossom Method, which consists of bringing together specialized Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Licensed Counselors and other professionals to provide the best individualized treatment for your child and family.

Instead of working in siloes, the specialists at Blossom collaborate Ñ and communicate Ñ on each individual child's treatment. This team approach to autism therapy is unique and it's key to a child's success in therapy and beyond. Part of Blossom's team approach includes weekly meetings to discuss each child's individual plan and assess his or her progress Ñ all in order to ensure each child reaches his or her full potential.

Family members play an important role in a child's progress, as well. The Blossom team works collaboratively with each family using a naturalistic developmental approach centered in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), for children with autism and other challenges to reach their optimal growth. Families are invited to sit in on therapy sessions and encouraged to utilize some of the skills learned in the clinic at home, in a child's natural environment.

Disciplines defined

Children on the autism spectrum work with various clinicians from multiple disciplines including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which involves teaching and increasing socially significant behaviors in addition to decreasing problem behaviors. The Blossom team provides the highest quality therapy using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Direct Instruction (DI) in its ABA intensive treatment programs.

Speech and Language Therapy is another component to treatment. It focuses on increasing and enhancing verbal and nonverbal communication, cognitive skills through play, and social-emotional development. Blossom is dedicated to fostering positive peer and adult interactions to habilitate communication through evidence-based methods and treatment approaches.

Occupational Therapy helps children of all ages develop the skills necessary for independent functioning and success. At Blossom, the occupational therapist engages clients in fun, playful activities that develop important fine motor, sensory, visual motor, behavioral, and thinking skills. Development in these areas improves performance, feeding, writing, play and social participation.

Finally, Blossom's integrative approach to counseling includes art therapy and can give children alternative ways to express themselves when they have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts.

Additional information

Blossom's new state-of-the-art therapeutic center boasts 22,000 square feet of therapy rooms, sensory rooms, community rooms, an indoor playground, full-size gym with rock-climbing wall and more. There's a haircut station, mock doctor's office and a mock dentist office, too.

Blossom also offers school transition and IEP support, intensive toilet training, summer camps and clubs, music therapy and private classes, and more.

Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center is located at 44225 W. 12 Mile Road in Novi. For more information on services, call 248-277-3005 or visit the Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center website.