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Children of Same-Sex Couples Prove to Live Happier, Healthier

Research from the University of Melbourne finds kids raised by gay couples scored above average in health and well-being. Learn more about the study.

Screen-Free Week, Day 3: Sick Day Struggle

It's challenging enough to keep kids happy when they're feeling ill. But it becomes even more difficult when you can't rely on television to keep them content.

Tax Tips for Parents: Deductions and Credits to Know About

April 15 is the IRS tax filing deadline, aka Tax Day. Whether you've got a baby or a college kid, here's how to get the most out of your income tax returns.

Director of Detroit Preschool Nurtures the Next Generation

From her unassuming house in the Brightmoor neighborhood, Zina Davis is running one of the best preschools in the city. There, kids are getting a five-star early childhood education - complete with lessons in self-love and meditation.

First Grade Teacher, Mom Anne Labadie

Kids are a big part of Anne Labadie's day, considering she's a mom and first grade teacher at Silver Springs Elementary School in Northville. She shares her success story of balancing both.

Wayne State University Lecturer, Mom Amanda Esquivel Salo

This Bloomfield Township mom-of-two shares her story and tips on how she balances her full-time jobs as mom and lecturer at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Michigan Disaster Plans for Schools, Daycare Centers Lacking

Save the Children, a national organization, says we're among 28 states not making the grade in keeping kids safe. Here's what it found - and what's being done.

Toddler Damian Sutton Tragedy Sparks Child Care Safety Debate

This Macomb County 2-year-old's death following an alleged beating by his mom's boyfriend raises the question: Who do you trust around your kids? Local moms weigh in with their tips and opinions.

Choosing After-School Day Care

Here are some tips on making the right day care choice - and transition - with your kid.