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Talking About Race

Today’s headlines and the Black Lives Matter movement make it clear: It’s more important now than ever to have healthy, ongoing conversations with our children about race and racism in our country. In this space, Metro Parent is focused on giving you resources, perspectives and advice to start creating change where it matters: right in your own home.

5 Problematic Disney+ Movies You Need to Talk to Your Kids About

The opening scene from Disney+ on a TV
Not all the classic Disney movies are sunshine and rainbows. Here are five problematic Disney+ movies that feature scenes, characters or storylines you need to talk to your kids about.

10 Service Projects to Try at Home for MLK Day

MLK Day Service Projects
Celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. from home this year with these MLK Day service project ideas.

Books to Read During Black History Month

February is Black History Month and the perfect time to read books about Black people that made history. Here are some of our favorite picks.

How to Address Racism in Kids’ Books and Movies

Addressing racism in kids books and movies
Sometimes kids' media isn't as sweet as it seems and feature instances of intolerance. Here's what to do if you encounter racism in kids' books and movies.

Why Parents Took Their Kids to Black Lives Matter Protests

Protests are important catalysts for change and can also serve as a learning experience for kids. We caught up with two moms who took their kids to BLM protests to find out why.

Kid-Friendly Podcasts That Discuss Race and Diversity

Kid-friendly podcasts that talk about race and diversity are a great resource for parents looking to raise anti-racists. Here are five of our favorites.

How to Teach Your Kids about Native American History

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce your kids to Native American history and the truth behind the holiday. Here are some tips to get the conversation started.

Diverse Toys for Kids

Girl playing with a diverse toy for kids
Are you looking for diverse toys for kids? These brands have you covered with toys of all races, religions and abilities.

Online Black-Owned Toy Stores

Black woman and girl shopping in a toy store
Looking to support small businesses owned by people of color this holiday season? Grab your kid a toy or two from these online Black-owned toy stores.

Overcoming America’s History of Racism and Segregation

Group of people kneeling with fists in the air at a protest
A local mom talks about how Black women have fought injustice throughout America's history and continue to do so, despite the heartbreak.

14 Bilingual Picture Books for Kids

Collage of covers of bilingual picture books for kids
Whether you need a book for a child that speasks Spanish or you want to teach your child Spanish, these bilingual picture books for kids have you covered.

A Conversation Between Mom and Daughter About Race

School photo of Sienna
A local mom from Birmingham shares a candid conversation she had with her daughter about being Black in America today.