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Explore Great Schools in Metro Detroit

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5 Principles Only a Mentor at School Can Teach Your Kid

Brought to you by Aim High School.

How Are Gifted Students Graded?

Brought to you by The Roeper School.

Why Escuela Avancemos Academy Is a Community School

Brought to you by The Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University

The Importance of Culturally Responsive Classrooms

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Find the Right School in Metro Detroit

Looking for the best education for your child can be overwhelming. Don’t stress – our Metro Parent school partners are here to help.

Why Project-Based Learning Is So Effective

Brought to you by The Roeper School

Authentic Relationships Lead to Academic and Life Success

Brought to you by Aim High School

The New Explorers: Discovering History and Herself Through Technology

Brought to you by Academy of the Sacred Heart

One-to-One Instruction Helps with School Refusal

Brought to you by Brightmont Academy

Detroit Waldorf May Be More Attainable Than You Think

Brought to you by Detroit Waldorf School
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