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Practicing Important Social Skills During Social Distancing

Staying safe at home means your child with autism could lose vital social skills. An expert at Gateway Pediatric Therapy shares tips for stemming the loss.

Simple Tips for Successful Travel With Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Is holiday travel in your future? Get prepared for a fun and successful experience with advice from an expert at Gateway Pediatric Therapy.

How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Works for Kids With Autism

Can acceptance and commitment therapy help a child with autism learn to sit with negative feelings? A board-certified behavior analyst from Gateway Pediatric Therapy explains how it works.

Helping Children Adapt to New Normal Rules and Routines

Living safely during a pandemic requires a host of new routines. How can you help a child with autism learn these new rules and become comfortable while staying safe? The experts at Gateway Pediatric Therapy share helpful tips you can try at home.
Kids playing pirates in boxes

Nurturing Sibling Play When One Child is on the Spectrum

With COVID-19 social distancing, siblings are sometimes the only playmate kids have. How can you help children with autism play with their neurotypical siblings? The experts at Gateway Pediatric Therapy have advice.
A child smiling while eating

Helping Kids on the Spectrum Overcome Food Selectivity

Gateway works with families to address skill deficits and leverage reinforcement-based techniques.