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More Teens Driving Stoned than Drunk, New Study Says

More college freshmen are admitting to getting behind the wheel under the influence of marijuana than alcohol. It's a trend that could have deadly results.

One-Third of Detroit Pregnancies Aborted, Report Says

While the national abortion rate has declined, Detroit's rate for terminating pregnancies is 31 percent. What factors could be contributing to the rate?

Dad Author Jon Ziegler on Imperfect Parenting, Marriage

This goofy guy from Davison, Michigan wrote a hilarious how not to guide to parenthood. Here, he chats about the good, bad and funny of fatherhood.

Advice for Other Kids During Screen-Free Week

This local family made it through most of screen-free week. Here are their thoughts looking back on the journey and plans for how to handle media consumption in the future.

Screen-Free Week, Day 4: Preparing for a Television-Free Weekend

With one child still stick and home from school again, was the family able to maintain screen-free status?

Screen-Free Week, Day 3: Sick Day Struggle

It's challenging enough to keep kids happy when they're feeling ill. But it becomes even more difficult when you can't rely on television to keep them content.

Screen-Free Week, Day 2: Entertaining the Kids When Dad Works Late

Without 'virtual babysitters,' mom looked for ways to keep the kids engaged while dad was teaching. Find out how this screen-free day went!

Screen-Free Week, Day 1: Cancelling Cable and Heading Outside

Television and video games aren't in the plans this week. So, how did this local family spend their time?

Screen-Free Week: The Challenge Begins

Inspired by three local families who took the challenge, a southeast Michigan mom and writer begins a digital diet with her family, May 5-11, 2014.

Empty Seat, Full Heart: A Sports Lover's Discovery About Motherhood

A mom who is a huge sports fan learns on the day of a big game that there's something more important, and it's taking care of her sick son.

Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety

How can you make sure you're not making your child's anxiety worse when you leave them at preschool or with the babysitter? Get tips here.