3 Reasons Hiring A Realtor Who is an Attorney is the Right Move

When handling a loved one's estate, it's tough to know where to turn for guidance. Lawyers Realty offers insight and assistance to families.

While grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing you might want to think about is his or her estate – but it’s an important step. For those who aren’t sure where to turn for guidance and help handling matters related to their loved one’s estate, this step can be met with stress and confusion.

That’s where Lawyers Realty, LLC, founded by Mark Boettcher, comes in.

“Why shop anywhere else for a Realtor who will have to look elsewhere for such expert instructions, costing you more time and money, when you can reach out to one real estate brokerage with the tools in place to handle your family’s delicate and sensitive estate needs?” Boettcher says.

Here are three reasons why hiring a Realtor who is an attorney is the right move when dealing with your loved one’s estate.

1. Answering all your tough questions

Those who are new to this process have loads of questions that Boettcher and his team at Lawyers Realty can help answer.

Common questions include:

  • Do you know what kinds of contract provisions, deeds, warranties and disclosures are required for a sale through an estate in probate?
  • What if your loved one had no will at all? Does a power of attorney cover such matters?
  • Can a lady bird deed help your situation at the front end?
  • Is there a cottage going to multiple siblings, and if so, how should it be titled?
  • Can you keep the property and keep paying the mortgage?
  • Were the assets set up and titled properly from the beginning or do errors need to be corrected before listing?
  • Are large acreage tracts being broken up for various family members, or are property lines being moved?

2. A diverse background to deal with various matters

As an attorney specializing in real estate matters, Boettcher says he and his team are well equipped to navigate the home selling and mortgage refinancing process in probate, and even the up-front asset protection strategies of a well-thought out estate plan.

“Lawyers Realty is equipped to assist on many levels as our agents are attorneys who have practiced in probate court and set up estate plans,” he says. “With our decades in the real estate field and over $350 million in transactions behind us, we help families like yours with all types of real estate matters.”

For example, if one heir wants to buy out the others with proceeds from a new mortgage, the pre-approval process can be done in-house with Zana Financial (NMLS 138616) and with a single credit pull, he says.

3. Understanding the probate process

When someone dies, their Will typically needs to be probated, which involves submitting the Will to the court and from there, the court regularly allows for the deceased’s name to be removed from titles, bank accounts and more. “It allows the assets to pass into somebody else’s name,” Boettcher explains. In his experience as an attorney, Boettcher has probated estates and is familiar with the process – whether it’s complex, such as someone who left behind five properties, or more typical.

“Knowing how to handle your family’s situation comes from our diverse experiences in the past. Bottom line, we’re here to help.”

For more information about Lawyers Realty and the services it offers, visit LawyersRealtyMI.com or call 866-LR-LISTS. For mortgage needs, you can reach Zana Financial (NMLS # 138616) and Mark Boettcher (NMLS# 379753) at 586-585-4000.


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