Read This, Do That Activities for Kids

Fuel your child's passion for reading and keep them engaged with these activities related to their favorite books.

Books introduce children to wonderful concepts of playing, learning and exploring. But the fun shouldn’t end after you close the book. Bring books to life with activity pairings that are sure to spark creativity in every child.

Alycat and the Friendship Friday

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Alycat’s teacher has a special field trip planned. But when a new student joins the class, someone feels left out. When Alycat uses her creativity and imagination by making friendship bracelets, she helps everyone feel included.

Book inspired activity: Make your own friendship bracelet

  • Supplies: Paperclips, colored masking tape or Washi Tape, permanent marker
  • Step One: Connect 6 to 10 paperclips together depending on size of bracelet desired.
  • Step Two: Tear off 1-inch pieces of tape and wrap around each paperclip.
  • Step Three: Write creative words on tape. Then share.

Dragons Love Tacos

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We know that dragons love tacos of any kind, but what happens when a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa? Spoiler alert: they breathe fire, which is likely to ruin a dragon party.

Book inspired activity: Make tacos for dinner

Let your kids make a taco dinner! Made in 20 minutes, the delicious taco cups recipe from Create Kid’s Club are super easy for kids to prepare (to their own spice level) with minimal adult supervision.

GERIBO, The Shelter Cat

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Written from the perspective of an adventurous kitty sharing his knowledge about the animal shelter, this sweet story, with beautiful illustrations, is on just the right level for young ones, and helps provide awareness regarding the role an animal shelter plays with an age-appropriate message.

Book inspired activity: Volunteer at an animal shelter

Animal shelters are a wonderful place for kids to lend a hand. In addition to learning the basics of animal care (feeding, walking and cleaning up after pets), children can do everything from grooming pets to distributing toys and handing out treats.

Get Up and GO!

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Your body is your own, and you need to take care of it. This book is the perfect catalyst to get readers moving. Vibrant, fun-filled illustrations and an encouraging text explain the many great reasons to exercise, from making new friends to going new places, or just because it’s good for your body.

Book inspired activity: Exercise

Whether it is jumping rope, going to the playground or playing a game of follow the leader, check out this list ideas to keep kids active outdoors for more. During the cooler temps, kids will love doing Cosmic Kids! Yoga workouts on YouTube to stories they love (Frozen, Moana, Minecraft, etc.)

My Sister’s Super Skills

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David is having a rough day so his sister Lily swoops in to save the day! She shows him some helpful tips and tricks to help him feel better. In the story, each empowering exercise is paired with an animal behavior that kids have fun practicing.

Book inspired activity: Create your own super animal

Supplies: Maker space materials (construction paper, boxes, ribbon, bottle caps, etc.)

Have your child design their own super animal by combining an animal with a super skill or superpower of their own that will help them manage their emotions. Kids can create a brave lion who practices affirmations, a horse that takes deep breaths or a bird who likes to sing. Or they can use their imagination and create their own animal and corresponding skill to help them manage those big emotions.

The Merzzlings: The Adventure Begins-Kindness is Key!

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Noah and Floppy embark on a magical mission where they’ll uncover the world’s best kept secret. But things don’t go as planned. Will Noah be able to put his pride aside to save the day? Kids will be intrigued by the seamless rhymes and bright illustrations, all while learning a valuable lesson about kindness and following the Golden Rule.

Book inspired activity: Make kindness cards to hand out to people in your community

  • Supplies: Crayons, paper
  • Step 1: Write kind messages on the cards.
  • Step 2: Decorate the cards.
  • Step 3: Hand out to people in your community, mail man, store clerk, etc.

The Song Garden

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Calla is determined to create a song garden without the help of her parents for the town’s annual showcase. But writing a song doesn’t come easily. Readers will enjoy watching Calla’s creativity shine.

Book inspired activity: Write your own song

  • Supplies: A pen, paper, creativity
  • Step 1: Decide what you want your song to be about.
  • Step 2: Draw music notes on a five-line staff or write your own lyrics.
  • Step 3: Share your song with friends and family.

Young Change Makers

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Young Change Makers is a seven-book series featuring more than 80 trailblazing youth from around the world who are taking action to change their communities in positive ways. From a girl who collects donations for animals each year on her birthday, to a boy who invented a device to alert parents if their children are left in a hot car, this book series encourages and inspires others to get out there and take steps to change the world. It features three kids from southeast Michigan.

Book inspired activity: Stand up for what you believe in and use your voice to create change

Whether it is volunteering in your community, collecting litter on the beach or organizing a clothing drive for those in need, these Change Makers all encourage kids to find something they are passionate about and use it to motivate positive change.

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Lori Orlinsky
Lori Orlinsky
Lori Orlinsky is an award-winning journalist and bestselling children's book author. She is the mom of three little ladies who keep her on her toes.


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