10 Brain Breaks to Try With Kids Remote Learning

Scheduling brain breaks into your child's online school day is an important piece of keeping them focused. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

While some kids are returning to school online, you might be worried about that extra screen time. Try to build in some short breaks within their schedule. Think of it as their recess! We’ve shared some fun and relaxing brain breaks for kids to give them some time away from their devices.

Go on a bike ride

Mom and daughter riding their bikes along a trail

Even if it’s a short ride around the block, the bike ride will give kids a chance to enjoy fresh air and lots of movement. Get creative by trying out a these easy biking activities like popping water balloons or purchasing a mini bike ramp.

Make lunch

Have them help out in the kitchen. You can make your own pizza, cut up sandwiches or ask what they would like to make. Get some ideas off this list of 50 healthy school lunch ideas for kids.

Dance it out

After a morning of Zoom meetings, you all deserve a dance break. Play your family’s favorite songs and dance it out. You’ll be surprised on how you can loosen up after listening to music. For your younger kids, try a game of freeze dance.

Color away

Child coloring with a colored pencil

Coloring can be therapeutic for kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too). Print out a coloring sheet that they can work on. You can also download our Free Monster Coloring Book, packed with quirky characters.

Stretch it out

A quick family yoga session gives everyone a chance to take a few breathers. You can do warrior poses on each leg or a long downward-facing dog. From there, give meditation or sound therapy a try to really relax.

Play charades

Charades not only gets your kids moving, they’ll have a good laugh too. Write down the prompts before you start playing to save time. Here are charades word lists for kids, including activities, books, sports and more.

Jump around

How to Motivate Kids to Learn

Are your kids missing out on gym class? Let them re-energize with a short and sweet exercise. Do jumping jacks and high knees to really get their heart beats pumping. Don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

Try a stacking game

Woman and girl playing Jenga

Jenga might come to mind, but there are more stacking games to enjoy at home. You can use items you might already have at home like plastic cups, craft sticks and cardboard pieces. If it’s nice out, take the game outside or even try a jumbo version.

Organize a scavenger hunt

Plan this ahead the night before or take a look of our scavenger hunt ideas. You can ask them to find 4-5 items based on a theme such as shapes or food.

Puzzle away

spilled puzzle pieces

Depending on the puzzle size, kids can enjoy this screen-free activity for days or weeks. It’s something to give their eyes a break from their device while they keep their brain active and ready for the next lesson.

Katina Beniaris
Katina Beniaris
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