Yuday App by Clinton Township Native Gives School Snaps of Kids

The Yuday app lets teachers take short videos and snapshots of the school day for parents to view up to five days later.



Are you tired of getting “nothing” when you ask your kid what they did at school all day? You know they did something, so it’s frustrating for parents to hear.

Now you can watch what your children do at school from your phone thanks to a new app called Yuday.

This free app, co-founded by Clinton Township native Simon Yu, lets parents see their child’s day as it plays out through short videos and photos taken by the student’s teacher.

“My parents missed most of my field trips (and) school events,” Yu says. “They weren’t present at school events, not because they didn’t want to be there, but because they were busy working seven days a week to provide for my sister and I.”

So he set out to use technology to help busy parents, like his own, get more involved in their child’s school day and encourage at-home conversations about it.

“It also celebrates the passion and hard work of teachers that normally go unrecognized when students go home and tell their families that they did nothing that day,” he adds.

To use Yuday, teachers with Apple devices download the app and invite parents who are on either Apple or Android to get it. The teacher documents the day and then parents can watch the clips up to five days later. Only those invited by the teacher can watch the content – and after the five days, it disappears.

“Our vision for the future is for parents to press a button and see their child at school, after school or with the tutor,” Yu says. “Whenever you’re not with your kids, we want you to see those moments.”

Looking for other parenting apps to monitor your kid’s school day? Consider these:



This LG smartwatch lets kids call up to 10 contacts and send short messages, plus you can see where your child is on a map. Starts at $49.99, plus Verizon Wireless service at $5/month.



Another app being used by local schools, Seesaw is a “platform for student engagement” that lets students and teachers upload projects and videos from their day (parents can comment, too!). Free.



This tiny, lightweight GPS tracker lasts for up to a week on a single charge. Find out where your child is or even set up “geofences” so you’ll be notified when your child enters/leaves places. Tie it to a shoelace, around your child’s belt or to their clothes. Starts at $99.99, plus $8.99/month service.

Looking for other techy ways to step up your parenting game? Check out our list of top co-parenting apps for families.

Main photo courtesy of Yuday


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