Top Dance Movies That Every Little Dancer Should See

So you think you can dance? Well, Step Up, get Footloose and watch a Dance Flick! Whether dancing Center Stage in your bedroom, Strictly Ballroom in your living room or outside where you can Stomp the Yard, you are sure to come down with a Saturday Night Fever after watching these fun dance dramas!

Get comfy, little dancers, and check out the dance movies that these local dance professionals feel Take the Lead on the dance movie charts.

Happy Feet (2006)

A baby chick Mumble has a name that fits him – since he can’t sing. But he can tap dance! Curl up with your kid and watch how Mumble wins Gloria’s love and helps save his species with his “happy feet.” You’ll be shocked to see how this movie captures the live action of humans with real, choreographed tap dance all shown in animation.

“For the younger students, I loved Happy Feet, which exposes the viewers to tap dance with tap sequences choreographed by famed tap dancer/choreographer Savion Glover. Tap is a genre that is a crown jewel to the art of dance.” – Jennifer Hawkins, artistic director of The Zone Dance Center, LLC in Southfield

Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

This oldie but goodie proves that love will make you do crazy things – yes, like singin’ and dancin’ in the rain! Children, teens and adults will enjoy this upbeat flick featuring two performers, Kathy and Don, whose love is tested but prevails. You may even want to go out for a splash after watching the love-struck Gene Kelly tap dance in the street.

“I would recommend this wonderful movie for children and adults alike, which shows how much fun tap dancing is and would inspire anyone to want to try this great art form.” – Deborah Agrusa, owner of Deborah’s Stage Door Center for the Performing Arts in Rochester

Step Up (2006)

This high school love drama takes a turn, leap and twist as senior and trained ballet dancer Nora falls in love with street dancer Tyler who’s considered a “bad boy” in this movie. Teens can watch how different dance styles and techniques can be combined creating chemistry on the stage.

“The two students gain a greater appreciation for each other and their respective dance backgrounds. They later motivate each other to push beyond their personal challenges. Step Up eventually developed sequels, which exposes dancers to hip-hop with emphasis on free-styling and dance crew battles.” – Jennifer Hawkins, artistic director of The Zone Dance Center, LLC in Southfield

Shirley Temple Movies

In classic movies like Bright Eyes, Curly Top, Wee Willie Winkie or Heidi, Shirley Temple was a cute, young icon who left a profound impression in the dance world. Bill “Bojangles” Robinson taught the young girl how to tap dance. Temple will inspire dancers of all ages with her moves.

“She was really super smart and talented. She was only five years old and doing pretty difficult routines. Those kinds of stories are old but not outdated.” – Linda Bommarito, owner of Linda’s DanceWorks in Berkley

Center Stage (2000)

Teens can take a peak at the real world of dance through this dance drama. Watch as 12 dancers practice and prepare for an upcoming audition to the profound American Ballet Academy and follow them as they make real-life decisions about their futures.

“It’s a great movie. It shows the true life of what dancers go through when they reach the professional level. If they’re interested in pursuing dance when they’re older, this movie shows what you’ll have to go through in that field.” – Alison Wiercioch, ballet/lyrical/jazz/tap dance teacher at Karen’s Dance Academy in Howell

Image via Singin’ in the Rain


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