Top Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Give your child the opportunity to let loose and bust a move with one of the hip-hop dance classes offered at these dance schools in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw counties.

If your child has a love for rhythm and street dancing, consider enrolling him or her in hip-hop dance classes. Your little one can train with professionals and enhance their dancing skills by learning how to better pop and lock it while cutting loose on the dance floor. At these 11 different dance schools in southeast Michigan, children and teenagers can unleash their best moves while rocking to the beat.

Ann Parsley School of Dance

  • Address: 40730 Garfield Road, Clinton Township
  • Phone: 586-286-8300
  • Ages: 2-plus
  • Costs: $25/annual registration fee for families, $15/annual registration fee for individuals, $30-$35/one weekly 30-minute lesson, $38-$43/one weekly 45-minute lesson, $44-$49/one weekly 60-minute lesson, $50-$55/one weekly 75-minute lesson, $56-$61/one weekly 90-minute lesson, $126-$132/three weekly classes, $160-$167/four weekly classes, $192-$200/five weekly classes, $222-$231/six weekly classes, $250-$260/seven weekly classes, $260-$270/unlimited weekly classes. Drop-ins are $10-$28 depending on the length of class and payment type. Note: Listed are regular tuition fees, which are monthly for the family. Prices vary depending on payment method.

Whether your kids are looking to perfect their dance moves professionally or just for the fun of it, students here will work with professionally trained teachers to enhance their dancing skills. With four levels of hip hop street jazz classes, the fast-paced dance form is based on classical jazz with a contemporary feel in the choreographic style and music selection. Private lessons available.

Arts in Motion

  • Address: 6175 Jackson Road, Suite B, Ann Arbor
  • Phone: 734-222-6246
  • Ages: 7-plus
  • Costs: $25/annual registration fee, fees vary

Who says someone can be too young to dance? Watch your child hit the dance floor at Arts in Motion. There are a variety of options for kids ages 12 months and up. Hip hop dance is offered at levels one and two for 7- to 13-year olds and level three for ages 13 and up. Ask about private lessons and summer dance camps.

Casali School of Dance

  • Address: 23011 Nine Mack Drive, St. Clair Shores
  • Phone: 586-771-6920
  • Ages: 3-plus (8 and up for hip hop)
  • Costs: $160/one class weekly, $320/two class weekly, $465/three class weekly.

With a variety of classes offered for children age 3 and up, Casali School of Dance also offers hip hop for children starting at the age of 8. Musical theater and Tai Chi are also offered through the school.

Central City Dance

  • Address: 6700 N. Canton Center Road, Canton
  • Phone: 734-459-0400
  • Ages: 3-plus (5 and up for hip hop)
  • Costs: $280/yearly half-hour classes, $343/yearly 45-minute classes, $406/yearly one-hour classes; find discounts the more classes you take

The fast-paced dance class is a combination of high-energy “street style” movements including jazz, funk and break dance. Boys ages 7-12 can enroll in an all boys hip hop class. Outside of hip hop, your children also have the option to participate in ballet, lyrical, jazz and tap dance classes, among others.

Dance Dynamics

  • Address: 1400 E. West Maple Road, Walled Lake
  • Phone: 248-624-0707
  • Ages: 4-high school (7 to high school for hip hop)
  • Costs: vary throughout the year for different programs

Kids ages 7 through high school can learn how to bust a few moves in this spot’s hip hop class designed to teach age-appropriate hip-hop moves, which are good for aerobic exercise. Other class options include jazz, ballet, tap and more. There is also the choice of a boys-only dance class.

Dancer’s Edge

  • Address: 26 Mile Studio: 16424 26 Mile Road, Macomb; 21 Mile Studio: 21475 21 Mile Road, Macomb
  • Phone: 586-697-5033 for 26 Mile studio; 586-421-2000 for 21 Mile studio
  • Ages: 3-plus
  • Costs: Class tuition prices vary based on average number of weeks throughout the full year, call for more information.

Kids can sign up for the hip hop class offered at this location, which will focus on a variety of different hip hop styles from break dancing and street dancing to pop and lock. The group will learn a routine and perform it at the end of the season during the annual recital.

Dance Theatre Studio

  • Address: 711 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor
  • Phone: 734-995-4242
  • Ages: Pre-K-plus
  • Costs: $37/month for 45-minute class, $74/month for 90-minute class September-May

This hip hop dance class allows children and teens to learn a variety of styles including breaking, popping and locking. Each class includes warm up, floor work and various stylistic combinations.

Deborah’s Stage Door

  • Address: 1655 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills
  • Phone: 248-852-8133
  • Ages: Pre-K-plus
  • Costs: $12/registration fee per student, $44/one weekly class, $80/two weekly classes, $120/three weekly classes, $148/four weekly classes, $230/unlimited classes

At Deborah’s Stage Door, preschoolers and adults can learn to dance. The 35-year-old spot offers musical styles of hip hop dance, ballet, tap, jazz and more. Outside of its dance program, competitive team dance classes are available in addition to an acting and music program.

Manda’s Rhythm and Dance

  • Address: 35769 Moravian Drive, Clinton Township
  • Phone: 586-791-3343
  • Ages: 2-plus (4 and up for hip hop)
  • Costs: vary; call for additional details

Enroll your child in this spot’s hip hop class, where dancers can perform with freedom of movement while adding their own personalities to their moves. Playing the latest music and using the latest trends, the class helps build coordination as well as self-confidence. There are also other dance options such as ballet and tap to get your child moving.

Motor City Dance Factory

  • Address: 21630 Melrose Ave, Building I, Southfield
  • Phone: 248-905-5678
  • Ages: 2.5-plus (5 and up for hip hop)
  • Costs: $25/registration fee, $55/one weekly class, $50/two weekly classes, $45/3 weekly classes, $40/4 weekly classes. $55-$175/monthly tuition

Opening its doors in 2001, dancers have been able to learn hip hop dance, ballet, tap, gymnastics and more. For ages 5-7, kids can enroll in the Kinder Jazz/Hip Hop class. Ages 16-plus can enroll in the Adult Hip Hop class.

Synergy Dance Academy

  • Address: 500 S. Main St., Plymouth
  • Phone: 734-207-7808
  • Ages: 3-plus
  • Costs: $333-$603/yearly tuition, $37-$70/monthly tuition

With Pre-K Hip Hop, children ages 3-4 can find their own rhythm while busting moves in an energetic atmosphere. There is also a hip hop class for ages 5-8 and 9-plus. The spot also offers tap, ballet, lyrical and more for beginners and up.

This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly. 


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