EarthCam Tracks Nesting Peregrine Falcons in Mount Clemens

Two Peregrine falcons in Mount Clemens have nested at the Old Macomb County Building for more than a decade. See if the couple produces offspring this year.

Mount Clemens’ favorite couple, Nick and Hathor – a duo of Peregrine falcons – has nested on the roof of the Old Macomb County Building in Mount Clemens for more than a decade.

Since 2005, the pair – a once-endangered species known for its swift flight – has produced 53 eggs and 26 chicks, ultimately hatching a total of 25 offspring.

In recent years, though, the falcons haven’t had as much luck. Unfortunately, the pair has not produced any offspring since 2016.

So local eyes are on the sky to see if 2019 will bring the couple some “nest” success.

And now, thanks to an EarthCam that has been installed atop the Old Macomb County Building, anyone anywhere can watch a live stream of nature in action.

“The birds are mating soon, if not already,” says Megan Ochmanek with the Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development.

“If eggs are produced, the estimate is that it takes 42 days to hatch. We’re hopeful that the falcons choose the corner of the rooftop (where) our camera is positioned!”

If you love bird-watching, or you’re interested in finding out if the falcons are successful this year, visit the Make Macomb Your Home website for more updates and information, plus peek at the live stream.


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