Cool Kid Bedrooms: 2015 Bedroom Trends for Kids' Rooms

Your kid’s bedroom and how they feel about the way it’s decorated is super important. Why? For a number of reasons – including some that can benefit them into adulthood. We talk all about in our June 2015 Metro Parent magazine cover story.

So while kids should have a say in how their cool kid bedrooms rooms look, as you read, they’re collaborating with parents to do the purchasing, no doubt. Experts in the furniture and design worlds are seeing some standout trends when it comes to kids room decor and furniture.

What’s hot, and what are some of the reasons for these furniture, color and theme choices? These 2015 bedroom trends for kids’ bedrooms might give your kids from bedroom decorating ideas!

Mature looks are hot. No Frozen or SpongeBob SquarePants these days (though we’re willing to bet Olaf is covering someone’s room!). Jennifer Asmar, interior designer and founder of Asmar Interiors in Troy, says parents aren’t doing age-centric décor as much anymore. “It’s more sophisticated.”

Over at House of Bedrooms Kids in Bloomfield Hills, Dave Biauce, general manager, says a few years ago, people were into the “baby, kiddy-type looking dressers.” Now, even in nurseries, he’s seeing more adult-influenced pieces. “They feel that they can use them a lot longer.”

In the long run, buying more timeless and upscale pieces will save you money, too, Asmar says.

It’s all about dry-wood furniture. Folks are ditching the espresso-, cherry-, white- and honey-colored woods for driftwoods and even walnut colors in furniture, Biauce says.

Gray is the color scheme of choice. “The grays have really hit hard,” Biauce notes. He says he has seen it make a “comeback” (gray was a big color trend in the ’80s) in stains and paints alike.

Sofas? This might seem like an odd choice, but it’s practical now and down the road. Asmar says she’s put quite a few sofas in rooms she designs. Kids use them for sleepovers. Biauce says bunk beds still sell, too; they’re also great for overnight guests.

Big beds > twin beds. “Try to stay away from smaller beds,” Asmar says. Opt for full or queen. In fact, Biauce says he sells more full-size beds than twin. The mattresses are only about 15 inches wider, he notes. Later on, “that’s a big item that you don’t have to change,” Asmar adds.

Desks = good. Just because tablets and portable electronics are cool now doesn’t mean a designated workspace has gone the way of the dodo. “We are still selling desks,” Biauce says, noting, “(The) desk is still an area to keep for homework.” Asmar has seen this, too. One young girl she designed a room for expressed how much she enjoyed drawing and writing, so Asmar made sure to accommodate her interest by including a desk in the design.

Keep in mind: These may be trendy, but, as Asmar points out, it’s hard to pinpoint a certain item that’s “it” right now. Ultimately, one little opinion matters most. “Every kid is different.”

Get to decorating – and make sure your kids have a say. Read more about the importance of your kid’s bedroom in the June 2015 issue Metro Parent magazine.

Photo of The Wrightwood Bed by The Land of Nod


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