Do These Items Have a Gender? Survey Says Yes

A recent survey found that many people view certain items as having a gender. Find out which things are considered "masculine" or "feminine" – and weigh in with your thoughts.

Ordering a latte? That’s a feminine drink. Wine, too. But whiskey? Purely masculine, of course.

That’s according to a new survey by tech company Morning Consult that sought out to determine whether random products would be perceived as masculine or feminine.

While some of the results were no surprise – tampons were considered feminine by most, for instance – others might throw you off a bit. Here’s a closer look at the results, in no particular order.

Women see these items as feminine

hand holding an unwrapped tampon


They don’t need pink packaging (or the female symbol) for consumers to find them.

makeup on a white background


This may be the case for now, but some say men’s makeup is becoming mainstream.

diamonds on a white background


Because “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”?

black tote bag on a rack on a white and grey background

Tote bags

Male or female, we say you can never have enough for carting kids’ stuff.

Woman in a yoga pose in a white room


The health benefits are available to all, even though this activity may be seen as “feminine.”

Men see these items as feminine

House plants sitting in a window

House plants

House plants are feminine? We’re suspicious of this one, folks.

Late on a white plate on a wood background


Is that just pumpkin spice lattes – known for their association with being “basic” – or all lattes?

Avocado toast in a kitchen

Avocado toast

Despite its deliciousness, this trending menu item apparently screams “female” to men surveyed.

Can of diet coke on a dark background

Diet soda

Don’t we all like fewer calories? Still, diet soda was listed as “feminine” by the recent survey.

reusable straws on a pink background

Reusable drinking straws

It is part of the VSCO girl trend, after all.

Women see these items as masculine

a pile of condoms


OK, we get it.

close-up of a fishing reel

Hunting and fishing

These popular Michigan activities seemed masculine to those surveyed.

close-up of an x-box controller

Playing video games

Despite the perception, this study says more women play now than teen boys.

Two beers on a bar


Is beer a masculine product? It is, according to survey-takers.

A shaker and measured protein powder on a wood table

Protein powder

This item was also seen as masculine, the Morning Consult report found.

Men see these items as masculine

Steak and veggies on a plate


Beef: “It’s what’s for dinner,” was said in a male voice in the iconic commercial, after all.

Three rum drinks on a bar


Survey-takers said rum is masculine. Pina coladas, though? Feminine.

fading blue

The color blue

And girls got pink, in case you were wondering.

cheeseburger on a plate


This popular menu item is all-male, survey-takers said.

front end of a car


In this survey, trucks were also seen as masculine.

What do you think of this silly survey? Do you agree with its findings? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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