My Mantra: You Are The Captain of This Ship

Stephanie Olson, a local mom of two, gets through the rough seas of parenting by remembering her mantra: You are the captain of this ship.

Local mom of two, Stephanie Olson sat down with Metro Parent’s editor-in-chief to talk about the mantra that gets her through the rough seas of parenting: You are the captain of this ship.

“There’s always 160 things going on in my head at all times. I don’t know if every mom feels that way — pretty sure that they probably do — stop and you just say something to yourself out loud that helps, at least for me,” Olson says. “So, I just think ‘I’m the captain, I’ve got this.’ I’m going to do one thing at a time and it’s all going to get done when it gets done and it’s not the end of the world.”

Watch her full video above and don’t forget to share you Mantra with us, too!

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