Thanksgiving Kitchen Gear for Parents on Turkey Day

It’s decided: Thanksgiving is at your place this year. Before you descend into holiday hosting madness, grab a hold of yourself – and consider grabbing a few of these products that may help you through the day. These fun kitchen tools and gadgets will help you save time preparing and serving the feast, allowing you to focus your attention on making awesome holiday memories with the kids and family.


Turkey Roasting/Transporting Rack

Transferring the turkey from the roasting pan onto a serving plate doesn’t have to require six hands anymore. This roasting rack from Cuispro is a brilliant solution for transferring the bird. Just cook your turkey in the cradling rack, pick it up by the handles when you’re done cooking, move to a plate and pull the pin to release the bird. No fuss, no mess. Get one on Amazon for $16.72.


Eight Quart Slow Cooker

Of course, there are plenty of dishes to worry about besides the turkey. Casseroles, soups, stews and a variety of side dishes need to be prepared. That’s where a new slow cooker like this one from Hamilton Beach can come in handy. This stoneware slow cooker holds up to eight quarts, has a mess-free lid and is dishwasher safe. Buy yours for $39.99.


No-Sharp-Edges Can Opener

Reviewed as “superbly crafted,” this Swiss-designed can opener is a vital tool in any Thanksgiving kitchen. Perfect for opening cans of cranberries, sauces and soups, this opener will undoubtedly make your kitchen time easier. It leaves no sharp edges, holds the lid in place until released and automatically clamps onto the edge of the can. Get one from Williams Sonoma online for $19.95.


Marshal Green Potato Masher

As if mashing the potatoes wasn’t already the best (read: most therapeutic) part of Thanksgiving kitchen duty. This little guy’s hair mashes your spuds, and his body is a soft-grip handle for easy smashing. Mr. Green is made out of all recycled wood and plastic. Grab your masher on for $9.99.


Breadcrumb Saver Cutting Board and Knife

Cutting bread can be a messy, crumbly affair. Now, with the Core Bamboo breadboard and knife, you can actually use the mess to your benefit. The cutting board has slots that allow crumbs to fall to a bottom compartment. When you’re done cutting the loaf, empty the crumbs and use them as mac and cheese or potato casserole topping! Get one from One Kings Lane for $29.99.


Remote Digital Thermometer

If you’re in charge of cooking the bird this Thanksgiving, this gadget is a godsend. You can tend to other kitchen duties, relax with the family and even watch the game while you keep track of the internal temperature of the turkey from up to 100 feet away. This accurate thermometer has a belt clip and will beep and flash when the meat is ready. Nab one from Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99.


Good Grips Non-Stick Rolling Pin

It’s time you updated your rolling pin. When you’re making the after-dinner pie, you won’t want a poor-quality pin slowing you down. Check out this polypropylene rolling pin from OXO that’s heavy and non-stick, so it won’t pick up grease or dough. It’s also dishwasher safe for saving even more time. Find yours at Macy’s for $27.99.


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