Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Families

Household mess got you stressed? Pack away your traditional vacuum and let a robot vacuum cleaner take care of your home any time of year.

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to prepare for all the fun gatherings that will ensue. Family, friends, food, gifts… the mess. So where do you start?

Don’t let cleaning up after a party get your spirit down. Instead, get a handy helper that will do the job for you. And no, we’re not talking about your kids. We’ve checked out a few of today’s trendiest home appliances: the robot vacuum cleaner. Investing in this small automatic appliance can save you time because your interaction with them is minimal and will allow you to focus on other things while your floors get a little pick-me-up.

So, which one will best suit your needs? We’ve rounded up five top options for your consideration.

The DEEBOT N79S standing up on a white background
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Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Price: $199.99

This vacuum offers a powerful clean-up with a 110-minute battery life. This bot is Wi-Fi compatible and can be controlled through the app or used with Alexa voice command. With three different modes of cleaning, Deebot is sure to please, especially with its low price-point and high-quality clean-up.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner on a white background
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Shark IQ Robot

Price: $349.80-$449.40

If you’re looking for an autonomous friend to not only vacuum, but empty itself as well, check out the Shark IQ Robot. The newest model in the Shark lineup, this vacuum allows you to create a floor plan of your home to tell it where to clean. It was also designed with pets in mind, as its suction power is geared towards that. If you like the Shark brand but the price is a little too steep for this specific bot, there are tons more options available with a few less amenities.

Roomba e5 vacuum cleaner on a white background
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iRobot Roomba e5

Price: $299.99

The claim to fame for the iRobot Roomba e5 is that it picks up more pet hair than other comparable vacuums and locks in 99% of cat and dog allergens. This Roomba has 5x the air power for cleaning compared to the Roomba 600, automatically recharges after cleaning and uses rubber brushes instead of bristles when getting the job done.

LG Hom-Bot on a white background
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LG Hom-Bot

Price: $999.99

With longer side brushes to get corners and wall edges, the LG Hom-Bot makes those tough-to-get spots a breeze. An interesting feature on this square-like vacuum called the HomeGuard ™ will alert you to any movement, sending images directly to your phone, if you’re using bot while you’re out. Although pricier, the easy accessibility and features on their app, including seven different cleaning modes and allowing you to check in on your vacuum with real-time video to ensure certain areas you need cleaned are getting done, is a technological dream with this robot vacuum cleaner.

Braava mopping robot on a white background
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iRobot Braava 380t

Price: $249.99

Do you need to do a little mopping and vacuuming? The iRobot Braava 380t can do just that. Perfect for larger spaces, this bot can sweep or mop hardwood, tile, and stone. Designed with a simpler usage in mind, it’s equipped with two cleaning modes (sweep or mop) and also has a smart navigation which allows it to keep track of where it’s been and where it needs to go.

If you’re in the market to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, know that this item is great for daily use and will leave you with one less thing to do on your check list. Being the hostess with the mostest is taking on a whole new meaning this season and beyond.

Do you use a robot vacuum cleaner not listed in this roundup? Tell us your thoughts on your pick in the comments.


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