Best Doctors in Michigan: 2017 Mom-Approved Docs

Kid-tested, parent-approved. Metro Parent readers raved about their favorite pediatricians, dentists, therapists and much more. Who made this year's cut?

Whether it’s the school they go to or the food they eat, we all want the absolute best for our kids. So, naturally, who we choose to entrust with their health is one of the toughest decisions to make. That’s why every year, we ask readers to share their favorite medical professionals and nominate them for Mom-Approved Docs. Parents shouldn’t have to guess who’ll best care for their little ones. And with our list, they don’t have to. These docs have already been vetted by local parents just like you.

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Allergies and Asthma

Carey Linden, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Warren Allergy and Asthma Care, 31730 Hoover Road, Suite A, Warren
  • 586-268-9222

“She’s kind, caring, compassionate and truly listens to what I have to say.” – Lauren Arnold, Sterling Heights

“Friendly. I never feel rushed. Dr. Linden listens and offers many options.” – Jessica Brink, Sterling Heights

“She is so great with kids! She is really good with explaining to kids what is going to happen and getting them to cooperate. I feel very confident with having my son under her care.” – Laura Hill, Warren

“Dr. Linden has a wonderful personality and spends quality time with us. She listens to what I have to say as well as gives her advice. I would recommend her to all my friends.” – June Hollifield, Roseville

“Very kind bedside manner and effective with treatment.” – Kathy Joned, Macomb Township

“I think she is patient with kids and knowledgable.” – Janis McGuffie, Warren

“She is great with my 6-year-old son. We love her!” – Stephanie Mills, St. Clair Shores

“She is efficient, smart, thorough and, most importantly, takes her time with my children. She makes all of us feel very comfortable.” – Jen Parillo, Troy

“My son has a rare chronic medical condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. She is one of the few specialists in the area that can care for him, and she goes above and beyond to make sure my son gets the proper care that he needs. I wouldn’t trust any other allergist to be a part of his medical team. Dr. Linden is amazing!” – Toccara Reed-Cosby, Shelby Township

“She really knows what we need help with.” – Nicole Witten, Warren

Chad Mayer, D.O., FAAAAI, FAAP

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Allergy Asthma Institute of Southeast Michigan, 39525 W. 14 Mile Road, Suite 101, Novi
  • 248-363-3232

“Dr. Chad Mayer offers comprehensive care for those with allergies and asthma. Beyond that, he offers hope with the treatment of food allergies. We have been to numerous doctors that practice strict avoidance and fear. Dr. Mayer is on the cutting edge with his offering of the oral immunotherapy (OIT). He follows a treatment protocol that is saving lives, offering hope and successfully treating those that have serious food allergies. He gives beyond the norm of a typical doctor with his research, time and dedication to his practice. He is always there for us and truly cares for my children. He is the only allergist (we’ve been to four) that I truly feel is going to help my son lead a safer life.” – Shannon Fashho, Rochester Hills

“Dr. Chad Mayer is our child’s allergist and has helped us with oral immunotherapy (OIT) for peanuts and eggs. We are now working with cashews and pistachios. He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He keeps abreast with latest studies and patiently answers all our queries and concerns. He is easily accessible which is a great plus. He has the ability to calm the nervous children, parents and caregivers. We are so glad we took the decision to do OIT under his guidance and care. He is the best Allergist. Would highly recommend him.” – Meera Harbola, Novi

“Dr. Mayer had removed much of the fear that comes from having children with allergies, asthma and eczema. He provides us with workable, practical advice and treatment plans.” – Nichole Mayes, Troy

“He spends all the time you need him to. He is available 24/7 and his patients have his direct cell number. He has invested a lot of time into helping keep children safe with the newest technology. My 4-year-old son is his patient and absolutely loves Dr. Mayer. He is changing people’s lives on a daily basis. He has given me hope when I thought there was none.” – Amanda Papiez, New Baltimore

“He’s helped over 100 people in less than a year reach desensitization to their food allergies. Over 200 overall. He does this by staying informed and up-to-date on allergy research! He’s kind, amazing and dedicated. We are so thankful to have our son in his care.” – Steph Schultz, Gladstone

Reina Salazar, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Grosse Pointe Allergy and Asthma, 21300 Kelly Road, Eastpointe
  • 586-477-4200

“Dr. Salazar is friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve been seeing her for over 20 years. She’s always looking out for the patient’s well-being and constantly searching for new and better treatments. She has my wholehearted endorsement.” – Mary Krobock, Roseville


Bethany Buryta, D.C.

  • LaBo Family Chiropractic, 2300 Monroe St., Dearborn
  • 313-565-2500

“Our entire family goes to LaBo Chiropractics and we always feel better after an adjustment! We love staying healthy by going there, but when we do catch a bug, we seem to get better faster by going to Dr. Heidi or Dr. B. They have a family-specific room so the kids are comfortable with the gator on the adjusting table. Of course my husband and I like getting massages there, too. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help with the kids.” – Megan Draper, Dearborn

Crista Kent, D.C. 

  • Health & Healing Chiropractic, 114 W. Third St., Rochester
  • 248-656-6957

“Dr. Crista is wonderful with our 14-month-old son. She also was such a huge help to me during my pregnancy. Being able to see her throughout my pregnancy definitely made for a smooth labor and delivery. If you have the chance to see her, definitely do!” – Gabrielle Bucher, Davisburg

“Dr. Crista pays special attention to the little children and makes them feel loved and at ease. She has a special welcoming personality that the kids respond well to.” – Barb Whitmore, Chesterfield Township

Heidi LaBo, D.C.

  • LaBo Family Chiropractic, 2300 Monroe St., Dearborn
  • 313-565-2500

“Our entire family goes to LaBo Chiropractics and we always feel better after an adjustment! We love staying healthy by going there, but when we do catch a bug, we seem to get better faster by going to Dr. Heidi or Dr. B. They have a family-specific room so the kids are comfortable with the gator on the adjusting table. Of course my husband and I like getting massages there, too. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help with the kids.” – Megan Draper, Dearborn

Sandra McCuiston, D.C.

  • Touch of Life Chiropractic, 46755 Hayes Road, Shelby Township
  • 586-532-5433

“They really take care of the whole body. They are always there for us when we need them. We trust them to take great care of us and our kids, and our children love going to them to get adjusted.” – Stephanie Niksa, Armada

Maria Miaritis, D.C.

  • Aligned Chiropractic and Wellness Center, LLC, 40760 Garfield Road, Clinton Township
  • 586-416-1180

“Me and my daughter started seeing Dr. Maria when my daughter was 3-4 years old. My daughter loved getting adjusted by her and, as Dr. Maria calls it, ‘getting the popcorn out.’ I myself have suffered from migraines since I was 9 years old (I am now 35); when I get adjusted, I can go months without a migraine. My daughter was diagnosed with lupus in 2015. She was on a lot of medications to save her life. Unfortunately, with all the medications and being a growing teenage girl, she has developed scoliosis. As soon as I found out, I made an appointment with Dr. Maria to get her opinion and to see what we can do to prevent it from getting worse. Yes, there are many chiropractors, but I would rather drive the 45 minutes to see her than five minutes to see someone I don’t trust.” – Barbara Howell, Lincoln Park

Kathy Olvera, D.C.

  • Health & Healing Chiropractic, 114 W. Third St., Rochester
  • 248-656-6957

“Dr. Kathy is amazing with our 14-month-old son. My husband and I also greatly appreciate the work she does on us! She is an all-around outstanding doc.” – Gabrielle Bucher, Davisburg

“They are excellent for all ages. Chiropractic that makes sense.” – Dorothy Paetzke, Eastpointe

Kathy Olvera, D.C. 

  • Health & Healing Chiropractic, 114 W. Third St., Rochester
  • 248-656-6957

“Kind and compssionate. Truly cares about patients. Same-day appointments and easy to get in.” – Ashley Timoff, Rochester Hills

“Dr. Kathy takes the time to answer my questions and explain to me what is going on with my body. I love the way she makes me feel important and values my concerns regarding my health. She is truly my own personal health champion. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been because of her!” – Barbara Whitmore, Chesterfield Township

Nicole Poirier, D.C.

  • Poirier Chiropractic, 47101 Hayes Road, Shelby Township
  • 586-566-5005

“Our family loves Dr. Nicole! She truly cares about her patients. In the almost three months that our 6-month-old has been seeing her, she has almost completely corrected his flat head. She is a true blessing to our family.” – Rachel Couck, Clinton Township

Aaron Rice, D.C., CACCP

  • Journey to Health, LLC, 34770 Dequindre Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-264-9470

“Dr. Aaron always greets his patients with a smile, and he takes a genuine interest in what going on with them. He does everything he can to get his patients on track to their optimal health. I recommend Journey to Health to others every chance I get.” – Samantha Noble, Wixom

Rachel Rice, D.C.

  • Journey to Health, LLC, 34770 Dequindre Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-264-9470

“Dr. Rachel is an amazing chiropractor! My kids just love getting adjusted by her. She calms their anxiety and makes them a part of the process. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Amanda Brown, Warren

“Dr. Rice treated my son for a brachial plexus injury that occurred at birth when he was 4 months old. Prior to treatment, he was barely move his left arm or hand on his own. She was able to begin treating my son the week I called to schedule an appointment, and we were able to schedule bi-weekly appointments that were convenient for us. The office staff was very pleasant as well, and we were never kept waiting long at all. After the very first appointment, my son’s condition drastically improved. He started to be able to slowly lift his arm and wiggle his fingers. Over the next month he continued to make amazing improvements both in his range of motion and arm strength following his adjustments. Dr. Rice was extremely gentle handling him during all his appointments and is extremely skilled in her care with infants. She is also very good at keeping both baby and mom calm during the process, as well. After completing his treatments, he now has full use of his arm – and his strength and dexterity has caught up to his other hand and arm as well, which was more than we had ever hoped for.” – Maribeth Dorff, Saginaw

“Dr. Rachel Rice is a doctor who truly cares about her patients. She encourages them to meet their personal goals, whether it be nutritionally or physically. When I was suffering from migraines on a regular basis, her adjustments truly helped relieve the tension. She always takes extra time to make sure I understand her directions for my at-home care recommendations.” – Brittany Johnson, Holly

“The best chiropractic office around! They have provided the best services to my entire family starting with my 2-year-old (who started at just 2 months old), my 9-year-old, my 13-year-old with special medical needs, my husband and myself. They strive to keep us healthy all year. We feel like family when walking in to the office. Our family loves going to see Dr. Rachel and Dr. Aaron Rice every week.” – Sarah McKinney, Mount Clemens

“Dr. Rachel is great at putting the kids at ease, explaining everything before she does it and using relatable language to help the kids better understand. My daughter loves to go see her!” – Samantha Noble, Wixom

“Dr. Rachel loves what she does and it shows. My kids feel comfortable and love going to the chiropractor to get adjusted.” – Bianca Randall, Sterling Heights

“Dr. Rachel and Dr. Aaron have worked with my son since he was born eight months ago. They helped him through a battle with colic/reflux. Sometimes the only nights I would get reprieve would be the nights after an adjustment. One time we came after a visit at our pediatrician where she saw fluid in his ear but didn’t want to give my son antibiotics again, so we visited Dr. Aaron and Dr. Rachel and, after two visits, the fluid was drained and my son never experienced any symptoms of an ear infection.” – Cindy Shiftan, Grosse Pointe Park


Kimberly Branham, DDS 

  • Branham Dental Arts, 23700 Orchard Lake, Suite A, Farmington Hills
  • 248-474-5572

“Dr. Branham is awesome with my children! They actually look forward to going to the dentist.” – Stacey C, Livonia

Amy Davidson, DMD

  • Professional Dental of Clarkston, 5748 Clarkston Road, Clarkston
  • 248-620-6200

“Very caring and willing to support and encourage our child! Extremely professional.” – Terry Wood, Oxford

Brian Davidson, DMD, LVIF

  • Professional Dental of Clarkston, 5748 Clarkston Road, Clarkston
  • 248-620-6200

“Always genuine in his interactions and very professional. Able to ease any fear or uneasiness.” – Allen Wood, Oxford

Keith Dobracki, DDS

  • Ann Arbor’s Dentist, 606 W. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor
  • 734-747-6400

“Dr. Dobracki is one of the most knowledgeable and caring individuals I’ve ever met. His staff is very well-informed, and they always are willing to teach you to improve your health while you are in the office.” – Caleb Kiser, Saline

“So clean and professional! Plus they have a dog to ease anxiety, which my kids love.” – Emily P, Ann Arbor

“All the doctors here are wonderful, but we love Dr. Keith. Great demeanor and makes every visit fun for our family of six. Kids are never nervous and, if anything, are excited for their appointment. After starting with this office, their cavities stopped. We think it’s due to the way they teach kids and their home follow-up program.” – Mike Ratliffs, Plymouth

“Amazing with my kids. After four tries at different offices, my kids fell in love with the office. They have costumes for kids, a therapy dog, an incredible prize area, a no-cavity club and a lab for kids to learn about teeth. Their teeth were all fixed by laser with no shots before – and they could watch the whole process on video! (Although my youngest preferred Finding Nemo instead.) Best of all, Dr. Dobracki called my kids after their procedure to make sure they were OK and even talked to them. Cool stuff! Also amazing with me and my husband. Very informative, no pressure, holistic approach, no toxic substances. No mercury or BPA, no sedation drugs, no gluten, no preservatives.” – Anna Ravidla, Novi

“The staff at Ann Arbor’s Dentist is incredibly kind and gentle. It’s really a place you can take the whole family. The doctors use state-of-the-art equipment for treatment and are very receptive to your personal needs and beliefs. They even have a dental therapy dog! Overall, a wonderful dentist in the Ann Arbor/metro Detroit area.” – Katie Richardson, Ann Arbor

Jason Golnick, DDS

  • Golnick Pediatric Dentistry, 21213 Ecorse Road, Taylor
  • 313-292-7777

“From the moment you walk into the office, you are greated by a warm smile. The office is super kid friendly. The dental hygienists are just lovely. All very personable and passionate about their work. Dr. Jason is so much fun and the boys love him. Pediatrics is definitely his area!” – Rania Ajami, Dearborn

“Dr. Jason is the best in the business! He treats every single one of his patients as if they are family. He is extremely passionate about what he does. Dr. Jason makes going to the dentist a wonderful experience for my children. They can’t wait to go back to see him.” – Elisa Zabel, West Bloomfield

Steve Harlow, DDS 

  • Regiani Holistic Dental Center, 10435 Ortonville Road, Suite B, Clarkston
  • 248-625-5222

“Down-to-earth and puts the patient at ease!” – Karen Burman, Clarkston

“He’s super nice!” – Liz Curley, Royal Oak

“Dr. Steve is fantastic with my daughter. When another dentist left the practice in fall 2015, I was unsure of how well we would like her replacement. Dr. Steve did not disappoint. He has a great bedside manner, is excellent when speaking to children and is incredibly well-educated in his field. Despite having a fair amount of dental work in her few years, my daughter is always excited to go to the dentist to get her teeth checked by Dr. Steve. The practice is easy to get to, the staff is excellent and I couldn’t ask for more.” – Nicole Lennox, Goodrich

“Dr. Harlow is simultaneously patient and fun with kids while also answering all relevant questions to parents. He has a high level of care and is all-around a high-quality dentist for younger patients.” – Tori Manix, Royal Oak

“He is very patient and kind with my children. He has a good sense of humor with them, as well. He always takes the time to answer all of my questions. He makes my family feel welcomed. I like that he uses a holistic approach to dentistry and uses the healthiest dental options available.” – Sandy Peplinski, Ubly

G. Michael Kabot, DDS, M.S.

  • G. Michael Kabot, Orthodontist, DDS, M.S., 655 W. 14 Mile Road Suite 200, Clawson
  • 248-280-2944

“Best philosophy, best care, best chairside manner! Dr. Kabot is involved in our community and gives back. Love his staff, too.” – Theresa Bennett, Birmingham

“He is so good with his patients. He has a great personality – always up, patient, understanding and entertaining.” – Cindi Hodgman, Royal Oak

“He is friendly, positive and fun.” – Sarah Snyder, Farmington Hills

“He makes every visit enjoyable and cares about all his patients. He is also loves to tell jokes.” – Mai Wu, Warren

Chetana Karanth, DDS

  • Pearl Dental P.C., 33568 Eight Mile Road, Suite B, Farmington Hills
  • 248-476-4416

“Dr. Chetana Karanth is very knowledgeable, friendly and flexible with scheduling. She is able to connect personally with the patients and is great with the kids. The office staff is also always cheerful.” – Sumana Chendukala, Canton

“We have been with Dr. Karanth for 11 years. She is very caring. She will see you right away if you are in pain and calls afterward to check on you. Her office is very clean and friendly. I highly recommend her.” – Jennifer Eagle, Farmington

“She takes care of every patient like family.” – Preethi Gee, Northville

Justin Newingham, DDS 

  • Newingham Dental Center, 2425 E. Lincoln St., Suite 110, Birmingham
  • 248-972-8720

“He has kids, so he understands how to talk to them, and his assistants are great too. They have TVs that will maneuver so that the kids can watch TV and not pay attention to what is happening in their mouths. And he really seems to care about the patient (young or old).” – Rebecca Barens, Bloomfield Hills

Russ Ortisi, DDS 

  • Ortisi and Abate Comprehensive Family & Aesthetic Dentistry, 13801 15 Mile Road, Suite E, Sterling Heights
  • 586-978-2250

“He has been my children’s dentist for many years. He is always honest about what work on their teeth can wait and what needs to be done. His team is always very professional and courteous.” – Karen Saxton, Troy

Niyati Patel-Parekh, DMD, MDS

  • Troy Orthodontist, 6649 Rochester Road, Troy
  • 248-879-7200

“She treats every patient with the utmost respect and kindness. She wants every patient to be in love with their smile when they finish braces. She’s caring and compassionate and loves to out a smile on your face!” – Elizabeth Myers, Warren

Davis Regiani, DDS, NMD, MIAOMT 

  • Regiani Holistic Dental Center, 10435 Ortonville Road, Suite B, Clarkston
  • 248-625-5222

“Works well with those who prefer a holistic approach to dentistry, health and nutrition. Very experienced and knowledgeable.” – Naomi Martoia, Orion

Viraj Shah, DDS 

  • Integrity Dental, 4151 17 Mile Road, Suite E Sterling Heights
  • 586-977-0300

“He is awesome! He is very caring, kind, gentle and understanding. Really stands behind giving patients the best care possible.” – Lisa A, Mount Clemens

John Toupin, DDS

  • Toupin Dental Associates, 42430 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 201, Novi
  • 248-465-6310

“Both Dr. John and Dr. Joel are the kindest and gentlest dentists around. Our family has been seeing them for well over 20 years now and we can’t say enough good things about the entire practice. They treat you like family and none of us are ever uneasy about heading to the dentist.” – Dorothy Benson, Novi

Ear, Nose and Throat

Dennis Bojrab, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Michigan Ear Institute, 30055 Northwestern Highway, Suite 101, Farmington Hills
  • 248-865-4444

“Dr. Bojrab is amazing! Our daughter has suffered with major ear issues since she was 3. She was at Children’s Hospital Detroit, Mott hospital Ann Arbor and no one was able that help … in fact, her ears got worse. Dr. Bojrab found a growth that was causing many of her issues and was able to rebuild her ear drum (all other efforts at doing this had failed). Because of Dr. Bojrab, my daughter is able to go swimming again and enjoy being a kid. She still has to undergo a few surgeries, but we are continuing to move in the right direction. On top of this, Dr. Bojrab gave me his cell phone number so after the surgeries or anytime something isn’t right, I can get ahold of him directly. How many doctors do that? None of my daughter’s other doctors have. Dr. Bojrab is an amazing doctor and just a wonderful human being!” – Sarah Jankowski, Bloomfield Hills

Jeffery Leider, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Dr. Jeffery S. Leider, M.D., 24001 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 170, Farmington
  • 248-615-4368

“The best ENT you will find. He is wonderful with children and adults. He put my 6-year-old at ease the minute he walked into the room.” – Lisa Hanlon, Redford Township

Prasad Thottam, D.O.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Michigan Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Associates (MPENTA) 7001 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 320, West Bloomfield
  • 248-571-3600

“Dr. Thottam is amazing. He is very thorough and has a great rapport with kids. He takes the time to explain everything and answer every question. He has gone above and beyond taking care of our daughter. It is easy to see how passionate he is about his work, and we know he has our daughter’s best interest in mind. We are so thankful we found him.” – Rachael Koehler, Clawson

Family Medicine

Anna Farhat, M.D. 

  • Providence Hospital, Beaumont Health
  • EPIC Primary Care, 911 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale
  • 248-336-4000

“Takes the time to listen to any and all issues. Put me on the best anti-depressants I’ve had yet after several med fails.” – Nichelle Harmon, Grand Forks

“She is very attentive to everyone’s needs and will give you all the information needed to treat symptoms.” – Edwin Padilla, Warren

“She’s attentive and patient with me as a first-time mom and also with my son, Chase. I feel very comfortable talking to her about any of my concerns. We are very lucky to have her. ❤” – Antoinette Pitts, Detroit

Linda Norrell, M.D. 

  • Genesys Regional Medical Center
  • Genesys Integrated Group Practice, 1515 W. Atherton Road, Suite B, Flint
  • 810-238-1771

“Dr. Linda Norrell’s specialty is family practice. Dr. Norell is an amazing example of a woman who has successfully balanced a career with her family. She always cares about mine – she still asks about my parents whenever I see her – and I love seeing her family pictures each time I visit her office. Her daughters are now grown and work there too, as does her son-in-law. She is both extremely caring and extremely honest, and the lady has so much integrity. She doesn’t allow pharma reps to give her free samples, because she wants to be free to do what’s best for her patients. She is supportive of alternative medicine – she has told me that she uses some alternative treatments herself, but doesn’t feel qualified to teach her patients about them, since that isn’t what she was taught. When I was going through a rough patch with losing a job, she didn’t charge for office visits and gave me tips on finding the most affordable pharmacies. When it was cheaper for me to deliver my youngest child at the hospital where I worked, she helped me find a midwife there. She is down-to-earth and an amazing lady. Whenever I’m there, it’s not intimidating; it’s more like seeing an old friend. She listens and doesn’t preach and assumes that I am capable of making my own decisions instead of having them forced on me. If I’m mulling whether to take a pharmaceutical thyroid treatment, for example, she’ll calmly ask why I’m thinking about an alternative, then discuss the pros and cons. I think I’ve been blessed to have the best doctor in the world – and have run into so many people who raved about their doctor, only to find out she is their doctor, too! As a family doctor, she covers pediatrics, OB-GYN, internal medicine, gerontology and more. I love that people can go to a family doctor their whole lives – especially one as exemplary as Dr. Norrell.” – Elizabeth Lowe, Lapeer

Rizwana Rahman, D.O.

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Macomb Health Center – Chesterfield Township, 30795 23 Mile Road, Suite 205, Chesterfield Township
  • 586-421-3150

“Dr. Rahman is a total rock star! It is very easy to schedule an appointment with her, she listens to what your symptoms and concerns are and has accurately diagnosed and treated both my daughter and me with great success. Prior to seeing Dr. Rahman, I had not gone to the doctor in 14 years; now I am much more comfortable scheduling my annual appointments. Rock on, Dr. Rahman!” – Eleanore Beadlescomb, New Baltimore


David Brinton, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, 4190 Telegraph Road, Suite 1500, Bloomfield Hills
  • 248-203-0900

“Dr. Brinton and his entire staff were so amazing through our infertility journey. He made us feel like we were very important to him and that he wanted us to conceive … not that we were just another patient. I was actually sad when I had to go back to my OB-GYN for the rest of my pregnancy! Infertility is such a hard journey, and Dr. Brinton and the entire staff at ARMS made it more manageable.” – Lisa Kullman, White Lake

Internal Medicine

Peter Gerrits, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Beaumont Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic, 3535 W. 13 Mile Road, Suite 707, Royal Oak
  • 248-551-0487

“My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes unexpectedly. During our hospital stay we met many endocrinologists. On our second morning, in walked Dr. Gerrits. His patience, the way he explained everything so my 13-year-old daughter (as well as myself and her dad) could understand everything was just amazing. In one of the worst moments of our life, he made it OK and gave my daughter relief and hope that this new diagnosis would not control her life – she would control it. He truly is the best pediatric endocrinologist in the metro Detroit area.” – Rachiel Karres, Berkley

Joshua Gibson, M.D.

  • McLaren Macomb Medical Center
  • McLaren Medical Group, 33720 Harper Ave., Clinton Township
  • 586-294-5210

“Dr. Gibson is very patient and understanding. He is very good with children, as my children love going to see him. He has a way of (explaining) things to my children and makes them feel very comfortable. Dr. G is always there to answer any questions that you might have. It is hard to find a good doctor that you trust, and I am so glad that I found one that I am very happy with – and so are my children.” – Erica Byerly, Algonac


Mitchel Williams, M.D. 

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Detroit Medical Center, 3950 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-832-9620

“Dr. Williams is a terrific neurologist. He really thinks outside the box when caring for his patients. He goes above and beyond to take care of his patients. I would recommend him hands down!” – Elissa Potter, Westland


Jonathan Cayle, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Cayle Clinic, P.C., 48681 Hayes Road, Shelby Township
  • 586-991-0805

“Dr. Cayle is beyond brilliant … he’s truly one-of-a-kind. His incredible range and years of experience combined with his balanced approach of traditional and functional medicine is refreshing and effective. His clinic is run so smoothly that, the first time I went there, I felt like I was in a dream world, and now I’m spoiled by the stellar environment and care he and his team provide. He’s the type of doctor you definitely want and should feel privileged to have on your team. I could not imagine having gone through my pregnancy and birth of our first child (or any future pregnancies/births!) without Dr. Cayle by our side.” – Lauren Herstein, Rochester

Occupational Therapy

Amy Assenmacher, OTRL 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-707-3100

“Amy is amazing with my children.” – Erin Basak, Oxford

Liz Barnard, OTRL 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“We love Liz! She has been so helpful with our daughter’s motor functions. She brushes her teeth better; she learned how to tie her shoes. Liz has a very amazing way or dealing with her. She responds very well to Liz as well!” – Rosalee Harwood, Holly

“She is great with him and brings out the best in him.” – Donnie LeVanseler, Fowlerville

“She always helps her patients to be their absolute best! She really gets to know them and uses their interests to help them learn. She always goes out of her way to make sure goals are reached. We just love seeing her!” – Stephanie Wise, Clarkston

Ahmed Bazzi, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Detroit Medical Center, 3901 Beaubien Blvd., Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Detroit
  • 313-966-6344

“Dr. Bazzi has an excellent bedside manner. He is very approachable, friendly and is easy to talk to. He is very thorough. He takes his time with my daughter and answers all of our questions. He even showed us the X-rays and gave us a copy! My daughter thinks he is funny and nice. It means a lot to a parent that a doctor makes their child feel comfortable and tries to make the best of the situation. We did go to another hospital emergency room closer to home first and we had a bad experience. It was a much better experience with Dr. Bazzi and his staff, including his residents, nurses, X-ray techs and the rest of his team. My daughter needed surgery and it was a great experience for an unfortunate event. I would recommend Dr. Bazzi to everyone because I feel his positive attitude helped lift my daughter’s spirit and helped her during this difficult time. She had a sprained ankle and the other was broken requiring delayed surgery, which took place on the first day of school. It was a long road, but I was glad that Dr. Bazzi was with us throughout our journey. He rocks!” – Lisa Zamojski, Windsor, Ontario

Jacyln Grad, OTRL

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Jaclyn is very patient with my son and she is also very creative.” – Simone Anthony, West Bloomfield

“Jaclyn is wonderful! She is helpful, friendly and caring. She is a one-of-a-kind gal who puts the extra attention into treating her patients and developing a program for them. She has given our family hope, and we have seen some amazing positive results with our son’s sensory issues. She offers suggestions, books to read, tools to use, gives advice and shares her tips and ideas. My son always looks forward to seeing her. I would highly recommend her and Kids In Motion.” – Jennifer Hochwald, Commerce Township

“She is very personable and has a great connection with my son.” – Jennifer Mouradian, Northville

“My son came a long way with her. She constantly sets goals to improve my son’s ability. She is a very sweet, kind therapist. We love her. She is the best.” – Saima Rashid, West Bloomfiled

“We have loved working with Jaclyn. She is kind, helpful and supportive. She provides my son a fun way to develop his fine motor and coordination skills – and provides me with ways to help him at home and answers to my questions. She is always looking for new ways to help him and helps us address many issues. We have loved every session with Jaclyn.” – Michelle Vanston, West Bloomfield

Lauren Gribeck, M-OTRL

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-684-9610

“My son has autism and has many sensory issues. Lauren is constantly looking for new ways to help him find success. She will research and contact me with new info or ideas to try, whether it’s before his appointment or on the weekend. I can see that she is passionate about helping kids and she genuinely cares about my son. From trying new ideas with feeding to helping with behavior, I feel that Lauren goes above and beyond, and I’m fortunate that my son is able to work with her. We are blessed.” – Andrea Wayne, Lake Orion

Michelle Macrae, OTRL 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 3285 Martin Parkway, Commerce Township
  • 248-684-9610

“Michelle is so patient and creative with my son.” – Simone Anthony, West Bloomfield

Britni Maffesoli, OTRL

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-707-3100

“She made the transition from Amy (off on maternity leave) to her wonderfully. My boys love her.” – Erin Basak, Oxford

Linda Maxwell, OTRL

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Linda is great at what she does and works great with students and families. We love her. Thank you!” – Kelly Seebaldt, Highland

Kristen McLaughlin, OT

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“When you have a therapist that makes therapy fun for your child and they enjoy coming every week, not only does that make for a happy child, but also a very happy mom. We love Kristen!” – Brittany Dunigan, White Lake

“Kristin is very patient with Andrew. She is able to hold him to high expectations by compassionately motivating him and not giving in to his reluctance to do non-perfered tasks. Her knowledge, abilities and good nature make her an exceptional OT!” – Bridget Foster, Milan

“Kristen understands Wyatt’s needs and customizes care to meet them. Results are clear.” – Nick Giradi, Milford

“Kristen is friendly and patient with Sophia. Her passion for working with kids shows. She is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond.” – Ashley Setty, South Lyon

Courtnie Sinclair-Baker, OTRL 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-707-3100

“She is so kind and patient with my kids. My son is a very nervous child and she is able to put him at ease and he loves to come see her.” – Bethani Desantis, Clarkston


MaryJo Ference, O.D. 

  • Vision Specialists of Michigan, 2550 S. Telegraph Road, Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills
  • 248-258-9000

“Dr. Mary Jo understands our anxiety with eye care and she goes out of her way to make us feel comfortable. My daughter struggles with anxiety, neck pain, imbalance, struggles reading, etc., and Dr. Mary Jo zeroed in on her issues with an action plan. Now my daughter is more confident, reading at higher levels and recovery is in motion. Total game changer for her!” – Carol Azarovitz, Bloomfield


Farah Akhdar, D.O.

  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • Primary Care Redford, 26400 Plymouth Road, Redford Township
  • 313-937-9318

“Dr. Akhdar is always available no matter the day or time. She is genuinely concerned about my concerns where my children are concerned, as well as their overall health. She is very easy to talk to and explains what we cover at each appointment clearly.” – Tarsha Wisdom, Detroit

Hannan Alsahlani, D.O. 

  • Providence Hospital, Providence Park Hospital, Beaumont Health
  • Serenity Pediatrics, 71 E. Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills
  • 248-533-0000

“First and foremost, she has a very sweet and bright disposition. Her staff is very kind, as well. I felt so welcomed on our first visit because everyone was smiling and so excited. In today’s world, that is very refreshing! She took time out to talk with my son about some of the concerns we had for him – instead of talking over him as if he had no feelings. My tween daughters love her, and I never felt forced to do anything I did not want to do with my newborn baby girl. I’ve been searching for a good doctor for quite some time and she’s perfect!” – Karelyn Abbott, Detroit

“She is so great with my girls – and with me! She takes her time with them and also takes time to listen to me and my concerns. She and her staff go above and beyond for the families that are lucky enough to have Dr. Alsahlani in their lives.” – Jessica Aldrich, Pontiac

“Dr. Alsahlani is an outstanding doctor. We cannot rave about her enough. She changes lives. Highly intelligent, compassionate, personable, funny, caring and simply the best. We would follow her anywhere. Her new office, Serenity Pediatrics, is breathtaking. Our kids love her. They look up to her. She makes all of us feel special with her sweet soul and empowers our children to believe in themselves. She is more than a doctor – she is a champion cheerleader for our families overall well-being. She is a gift to our family and to the medical profession. A person like her comes along once in a lifetime. She has made me a better mother and has taught my children far more than how to be healthy. She has taught them to know that anything is possible. She mentors my teenage daughter and plays Doc McStuffins with my 3-year-old. She is great with all ages and is an extremely skilled physician and mother of four. We love Dr. Alsahlani.” – Leslie Aliniya, Detroit

“Dr. Alsahlani is such an amazing doctor. She allows the children to be involved with their health care by explaining and showing them how the tests work and what they mean. Her office is kid-friendly from front to back. Our children love it here! Dr. Alsahlani makes our kids feel a part of her family. She is so caring. She also has this beautiful toy clinic that allows the children to bring in their favorite toys or stuffed animals and have a checkup, as well.” – Lala Anderson, Livonia

“So friendly and helpful! Keeps up with the kids on everything. She is simply the best doctor for my kids.” – Mireille Cherbetjian, City not provided, Michigan

“She is very fond in her job. She has a great service for their patients.” – Paloma Cortes, Auburn Hills

“Dr. Hannan Alsahlani has truly been a blessing to our family and encompasses what I feel are the most important qualities of a successful pediatrician. As a parent with very young kids, I still ask a lot of questions, to the point where most doctors are dying to leave the room. Dr. Alsahlani has never made me feel rushed and always spends the necessary time to give me what every parent is after – peace of mind that their child’s health is being taken care of excellently. She is caring, attentive to details, compassionate and always informative. To say that myself, my husband and my kids feel like she is a part of our family is no stretch. Our daughter gets so excited to see her doctor now because Dr. Alsahlani has made it a fun experience and has become another family member who loves her and wants to keep her safe. She makes sure to find out how to make each child feel special and secure at her practice, which goes a long way in making a parent’s life much easier. I certainly know that choosing a doctor, especially a pediatrician, is no simple task and carries with it a lot of impact in our children’s lives. That’s why I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Alsahlani. As a parent, making a decision about your child’s well-being not only for their current age but for many years to come is extremely important. Dr. Alsahlani is a decision we have been beyond happy to have made, and we constantly tell family and friends about her practice and her extraordinary services. She recently opened up her own practice and has a newly remodeled building that is every child’s dream come true. There are areas for the kids to relax, to read, learn, pretend and create. The staff makes every child feel welcome and special and makes a visit to the doctor – even in a bad case – feel as good as it possibly can. I’d like to highlight one last story which I feel emphasizes what an amazing physician Dr. Alsahlani is. We recently had to take our son to an afterhours urgent care clinic, as he has a condition which put him in danger for serious complications when he has an illness. We were extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to take him to see Dr. Alsahlani first, but we sent her a text message anyway letting her know what he was going through and what we were doing. She immediately responded and followed up with a phone call to get more information. She then went out of her way to direct us to the best facility that could help him and then personally speak with the physicians there to discuss his situation and ensure that our son was being taken care of excellently. Dr. Alsahlani made sure to stay in contact with us the rest of the night and checked on our son throughout until we got news back with what his illness was and could rest easy again. Such a traumatic situation like that without a Dr. like Hannan Alsahlani could have been magnified so much more; however, she made us feel safe, secure and informed, and we were able to attend to our son as well as we possibly could without being stressed and worried. Having witnessed her caring nature, her informative conversation with parents like myself and seeing how she has transformed an office building into the most magical place a child could envision, I highly recommend Dr. Hannan Alsahlani to be nominated for this award.” – Nancy Falah, Bloomfield Hills

“She is selfless and caring. She goes above and beyond for her families.” – Kizzy Gesinski, Southfield

“Dr. Alsahlani is the most dedicated, compassionate and thorough pediatrician I have ever met. Her passion for pediatrics is expressed by her attention to, not only our children’s health, but the overall well being of our family as a whole. She has been so supportive to us as first time parents, while taking care of our most prized possessions. She is patient in explaining all aspects of children’s health. She is amazing with our children and so understanding of all the developmental stages. She has educated and supported our family through breast feeding, genetic studies, lactose intolerance and sleep training, just to mention a few. I truly don’t know what we would do without her. She has been such a positive influence in our life!” – Tracy Groves, Birmingham

“Dr. Alsahlani is so great – she makes you feel welcome from the time you visit while pregnant (checking out docs before the baby is born!). She is enthusiastic, caring, easy to talk to and remembers what’s going on in our lives. She gave me her personal cell phone to reach out with any questions (which I try not to use!) and responds in a timely manner. She recently started her own practice, and it was no question we were going to follow her there. No other pediatrician had made me feel as comfortable as she has.” – Julie Hand, Beverly Hills

“Dr. Alsahlani is a superhero! She has been our pediatrician for almost six years now, since the birth of our daughter, and has always listened to every concern and been supportive every step of they way. When I was a new mom, she was a tremendous resource as I ventured through all the new mom concerns – and she was amazing in building my confidence as I stumbled through those first years. She ‘knows’ both of my children and has made them excited to go to doctor’s appointments. They actually ask when we get to see the doctor, like it is a preferred outing – whether it be for well checks or illness visits. She has an amazing way about her and just makes you feel good on the inside and comfortable as if you have known her forever. We cannot be happier for Dr. Alsahlani as she has followed her dreams in opening her own practice. We consider ourselves so fortunate to be part of the Serenity Pediatrics family!” – Kimberly Hunter, Southfield

“Dr. Alsahlani and the Serenity Pediatrics staff are outstanding. She is patient, caring, thoughtful, funny, kind, reassuring and an excellent pediatrician. She is a mother of four and really understands our needs as a family. She is always accessible and has been since the day my children were born. She has been our pediatrician to our four children for eight years. She is a role model to my older children and makes all of my children feel safe and comfortable, and they enjoy seeing her; she is a household name in our home. Her new office is incredible. Every detail has been thought out to make children feel welcomed and makes my job as a mom very easy. She has a toy clinic for the kids to bring their toys for checkups, a beautiful aquarium with Nemo and Dory and friends in it, artwork and paintings in the office and a full pediatric lab – so no more running around town for bloodwork. The Treasure Chest is really cool with lots of fun and inspiring themed toys. (My kids) love all the new parts of Serenity Pediatrics, but that is all the icing on the cake – Dr. Alsahhlani is a jewel. She treats from her heart and follows up all the time to check on the kids and us as a family. We feel very lucky to know her and to have her as our pediatrician. She cares deeply about our children and our family. We never imagined doctors like her existed. We love Serenity Pediatrics and Dr. Alsahlani. We cannot say enough great things about her.” – Jill Jones Lewis, Clawson

“She truly cares for each and every one of her patients. She loves what she does and it shows. She really is one of a kind! Her new office, Serenity Pediatrics, is absolutely stunning. If you are looking for a wonderful, caring, loving pediatrician who will treat your kids as her own, Dr. Alsahlani is the pediatrician for you!” – Rachiel Karres, Berkley

“Dr. A has been our pediatrician for the past seven years, and we love her. During each visit, she makes sure our daughters are comfortable and understand everything that happens during the appointment. Dr. A is very knowledgeable not only from her medical training but also through her experiences as a mom. She is honest with her advice and is always available if we have additional questions. Dr. A is a blessing to our family, and we are thankful she took a leap of faith and opened her own practice. Dr. Hannan Alsahlani is the best pediatrician in Oakland County.” – Lairen Knott, West Bloomfield

“Dr. Alsahlani is fantastic. She is one of a kind!” – Lara Kothari, Bloomfield Hills

“Dr. Alashlani was referred to us straight from the hospital. The location seemed a bit far for us (at first) but, after our first visit, we absolutely fell in love with Dr. Alashlani, her staff and even her beautiful office. Not only has she been an absolute angel to our daughter, she has guided me and granted me the confidence I needed as a new mom!” – Aleena Markowicz, Livonia

“It takes a village to raise a kid. As parents we only want the best people to be a part of that village. We want to make sure if something goes wrong our child has the next best thing to us to be there and care for them. We need someone we can trust and someone who understands how and why we parent the way we do – and Dr. Hannan Alsahlani is that for us. She has always been there to listen to us, challenge us, comfort us and educate us. She always makes sure we understand all options and helps guide us in any way she can. Dr. Hannan Alsahlani and Serenity Pediatrics is truly a nonjudgment zone. My daughter loves her visits with Dr. Alsahlani; she gets excited and says, ‘Mommy, I am so excited to see what I learn today.’ Serenity Pediatrics and Dr. Hannan Alsahlani go above and beyond patient care and provide fun, safe activities for her patients and the community to learn how to live healthy, safe and happy lives. We will never be able to repay her for what she’s done for our family. Dr. Alsahlani is truly a gem and we are grateful she is our pediatrician.” – Tamiko Stokes, Bloomfield

“She is a ray of sunshine. She makes our entire family feel welcome, at ease and expertly taken care of.” – Sally Walker, Bloomfield Hills

“Dr. Alsahlani is committed like no other pediatrician! She genuinely cares about her patients, the parents and the community. She makes the kids feel special and not afraid to go to the doctor. She displays the following: patience, knowledge, understanding, thorough, hard working, dedicated, committed, excellent follow-up.” – Mia Shortwr, Southfield

Srinivas Baliga, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • New Horizons Pediatric Care, 6001 W. McNichols Road, Suite 340, Detroit
  • 313-341-8166

“He does an amazing job with caring for my children. He’s compassionate and great at what he does.” – Angleik Carter, Detroit

Alexis Balomenos, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Tender Care Pediatrics, 58115 Main St., New Haven
  • 586-749-4444

“Dr. B treats are boys as her own. They love going to see her! She answers all our questions.” – Amanda Morandini, Shelby Township

Heather Bartlett, R.N., MSN, CPNP 

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan Adolescent Clinic, 3901 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-832-8290

“Heather makes every single patient feel like they are her only one. She makes it a priority when my kids are are sick to see them as soon as possible. She encourages open honest communication, whether with myself or my teenager. Heather also cares about what happens when you walk out of the clinic, making sure you understand her instruction and encouraging follow-up dialogue if there are any further concerns. I feel reassured when we leave.” – Angela Medrano, Lincoln Park

Ashraf Berry, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Health System; St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Macomb Pediatric Associates, P.C., 29703 Hoover Road, Suite B, Warren, 586-573-9090
  • Macomb Pediatric Associates, P.C., 39200 Garfield Road, Suite E, Clinton Township, 586-353-5213

“He is great with the kids. He his caring, funny and goes over and beyond to take care of his patients.” – Tammy and Luca Ishaq, Warren (on Warren location)

“We have been going to see Dr. Berry for over 14 years. He really cares about the welfare of your child as if they were his own. I love our annual checkups as they are thorough and go above and beyond by talking with our kids about how important school is, how to stay away from drugs, alcohol and peer pressure, and how social media can affect your life. Kids don’t always want to hear this sort of stuff from parents, and I think coming from a trusted doctor, it helps! He really takes the time to listen, and you can talk with him about your concerns and he will work with you to help even if additional outside assistance is necessary. He is kind and compassionate and respectful.” – Michele Kress, Macomb Township (on Clinton Township location)

Pamela Berry, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • My Kid’s Doc Southfield, 29255 Northwestern Highway, Suite 100, Southfield
  • 248-358-2410

“Dr. Berry provides the best professional care for our 10-year-old daughter by giving her educated recommendations on health care, social emotional, parenting, best school choices, extracurricular activities and so much more. Dr. Berry has an excellent and humorous personality that makes you feel comfortable and excited about going to her office. She has been our pediatrician for six years and we are so thankful to have her in our ‘village’ in raising our child. Dr. Berry and her staff are simply considerate and do outstanding work. I would recommend them to any parent.” – Yolanda Johnson, Detroit

Roberta Bobal-Savage, M.D., FAAP

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Pediatric Care Corner, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2110, West Bloomfield
  • 248-926-1411

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t realize until late in the game that I should probably find a pediatrician’s office for when she was finally here. I Google searched offices near me and did rounds at Beaumont Royal Oak and found Pediatric Care Corner, knowing if I didn’t like them I could always change. I’m so happy that a simple Google search found us such an amazing doctor and office as Dr. Bobal -Savage at Pediatric Care Corner. Dr. Bobal saw us in the hospital and has been my daughter’s doctor ever since. She helped us through some significant weight loss very early and always made us feel like we were great parents, especially in those sleep-deprived first few nights when you need to hear it the most. We completely trust her and the entire staff at Pediatric Care Corner and are so thankful that we found her so randomly!” – Lisa Kullman, White Lake

“Dr. Bobal-Savage has cared for my children since birth. She is patient, kind, thorough and has a wonderful bedside manner with children and new parents alike. We appreciate her humble personality, enthusiasm for her career and eagerness to help our family when ailments arise. We feel so fortunate to have her by our side as we navigate life as parents!” – Jennifer Nelson, Commerce Township

John Boyle, D.O., FAAP, FACOP

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Pediatric Care Corner, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2110, West Bloomfield
  • 248-926-1411

“Caring doctor who is always available.” – Madeeha Aziz, West Bloomfield

“We love all the doctors at PCC. Dr. Boyle is our favorite. He was the pediatrician on call when we were in the NICU. From then, he assured me everything was going to be OK. When my son needed cranial surgery, Dr. Boyle always followed up on our case. He even called a few weeks after his surgery to check in.” – Vesna Beckstrom, Commerce Township

“He is absolutely amazing with kids and parents alike.” – Melissa Kellenberger, West Bloomfield

Heather Cadena, M.D.

  • Beaumont Hospital Dearborn Oakwood Campus, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • Dr. Susan B. Chamberlain, 2363 W. Jefferson Ave., Suite 100, Trenton
  • 734-676-2800

“Dr. Cadena is super nice. She truly cares about my daughter and takes the time to make her feel comfortable and to answer all of my questions. She has the best story to tell kids to help with potty training too. She is great!” – Amanda Greficz, Newport

Susan Chamberlain, M.D.

  • Beaumont Hospital Dearborn Oakwood Campus, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • Dr. Susan B. Chamberlain, 2363 W. Jefferson Ave., Suite 100, Trenton
  • 734-676-2800

“This office is great! You can always get in with a sick child, and I have never had to wait. Since Dr. Chamberlain met my daughter in the hospital hours after she was born, I really liked her. She is very efficient. She answers all of my questions honestly and she takes her time doing so. She is also very compassionate toward my daughter when she is sick. She is awesome!” – Amanda Greficz, Newport

William Chung, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Pediatric Associates of Rochester Hills, 930 W. Avon Road, Suite 170, Rochester Hills
  • 248-651-5454

“Always available. Great staff and takes the time to explain so much!” – Michele Avis, Shelby Township

Laura Clark, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Northpointe Pediatrics, 30061 Schoenherr Road, Suite A, Warren
  • 586-558-2111

“She is great with kids. She is knowledgeable and has the ability to explain it to both adults and children. She has compassion and caring; will follow-up to ensure that important information is understood.” – Katherine MacMaster, Grosse Pointe Woods

Sunil Das, M.D. 

  • Orion Pediatrics, 256 S. Broadway St., Lake Orion
  • 248-693-1808

“Dr. Sunil Das is the most amazing, caring doctor I have ever encountered. Dr. Das goes out of his way for personalized care and attention. After my daughter was born with jaundice, we were prescribed home treatment, and Dr. Das called us every few hours to see how she was doing. He even called in the middle of the night. I feel that he cares so much for each patient. When my daughter was on formula, Dr. Das would give us all the in-office samples he had of her formula because we weren’t doing so well financially and were not on any help programs like WIC because we couldn’t qualify. Orion Pediatrics, Dr. Das’ office, takes same-day appointments for emergencies, and they have a well and sick waiting room. The office also has other samples and magazines they give out. I feel like I can call upon Dr. Das day or night, and I have. He is always there for whatever we need. Without Dr. Das and the amazing staff at his practice, my family would not know what to do.” – Cassandra Preston, Clarkston

Pankaj Dave, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • Dr. P. K. Dave, 1543 Ford Ave., Wyandotte
  • 734-282-5012

“Dr. Dave is amazing. He has many years of experience and treats you and your family like his own. He is never rushed and always hears your concerns. He and his nurses Stephanie and Suzie are never more than a phone call away. I’ve had a number of questions and he and his staff are always willing to talk at length with you until you feel like all of your questions or concerns are addressed. It’s always frightening to think something is wrong with your child, and Dr. Dave and his staff realize that. You are never made to feel stupid or as if you are overreacting. Your voice is heard and that is so very important. Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Dave, Stephanie and Suzie!” – Leslie Southall, Trenton

Marcus DeGraw, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • St. John Children’s Center Pediatrics & Specialties, 22201 Moross Road, Suite 270, Detroit
  • 313-343-3481

“My 11-year-old daughter has been a patient of this practice since she was born. Dr. DeGraw is a kind compationate person who has an excellent relatable demeanor with children. He always takes time to listen, explain and ask if we have any questions or concerns. My daughter and I love him. I can’t imagine ever seeing another pediatrician.” – Lisa Goike, Roseville

Helen Economy, M.D., FAAP

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Pediatric Care Corner, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2110, West Bloomfield
  • 248-926-1411

“She talks to you from a mom to a mom standpoint. She is wonderful with my kids and never makes me feel stupid. Dr. Economy takes the time to help you understand things.” – Elizabeth Burgess, White Lake

“Dr. Economy is kind, caring and thorough with our son. She was so helpful to us as new parents and always makes us feel comfortable. She also helped us navigate food allergies when we found out our son was allergic to nuts. She is all around an amazing doctor and person. We love Dr. Economy!” – Lauren Wasiloff, Milford

“Dr. Economy always greets my children personally with a smile on her face. She is truly cares about their well-being. She takes as much time as needed to listen to all concerns, responds with an appropriate care for the child as an individual, and will research other options if needed. She has called personally for follow-ups, to check in on a child and to make sure a treatment is effective, on occasion. Dr. Economy is truly one in a million and my children are blessed to have her as their pediatrician.” – Lisa West, Commerce Township

Alex El-Sabbagh, M.D.

  • Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn
  • Care Pediatrics, 1022 N. Telegraph Road, Dearborn
  • 313-274-6666

“Dr. Alex El-Sabbagh loves all ‘his kids’ like his own. Whether you bring your child in for a sore throat, a sprained knee or a fever, every child is examined thoroughly, head to toe, every single time – without exception. Because of this, he catches things other docs don’t, and catches them early. If you are worried about your child, he can be reached day or night. Truly the best pediatrician in the Dearborn area, hands-down. Our kids love their doctor, and so do we (parents!).” – Janel AbuNasr, Dearborn

“Treats all his patients like family. He truly cares and he is genuine. The whole staff always does the impossible to accommodate. Dr. Alex has been our Pediatrician for 11 years and even though it takes us over an hour sometimes with construction and or traffic to get to his office we will not change to another.” – Brenda Guzman, Northville

Michelle Faber, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Southfield Pediatrics, 31500 Telegraph Road Suite 105, Bingham Farms
  • 248-540-8700

“Dr. Faber is our favorite! She is great not only with my kids, but with me and my husband as well. She is so calm and is always willing to take time to explain things to us and answer all of our crazy questions. She’ll even sit there and draw pictures to help us understand what is going on. She gives great analogies to help us understand medical situations, as well. I always feel like I know more when we leave her office. I really cannot put into words how much we love Dr. Faber and what she means to us.” – Annie Martin, Southfield

Seth Faber, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Health System, St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Orchard Pediatrics, 6900 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 206, West Bloomfield
  • 248-855-7510

“Seth is the most amazing doc and soooo great with kids! We are so lucky to have him. Patient, kind – and my kids actually love going to the doctor because of him!” – Natalie S, West Bloomfield

Jeffrey Fisher, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Michigan Adult and Child Medicine, 8545 Common Road, Suite 200, Warren
  • 586-751-0732

“He is caring, thoughtful and always works with you as a parent to find the best solution for your child’s individual needs.” – Amanda Barents, Shelby Township

Ajey Godbole, M.D.

  • Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe, Children’s Hospital Of Michigan
  • Brentwood Pediatric Associates, 33215 Seven Mile Road, Livonia
  • 248-478-3200

“He takes the time to listen and cares about his patients. He makes sure that everything is explained in a manner that everyone understands and answers questions. When you go see him, you can tell he cares about you. He also calls you back, as well, should you call and leave a message.” – Katie Reynolds, Westland

Stacey Gorman, M.D.

  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • Union Lake Pediatrics, 2630 Union Lake Road, Suite 100, Commerce Township
  • 248-360-1200

“When my children’s pediatrician retired, I thought we would never find anyone that could care care for my kids the way he did. When we started to see Dr. Gorman, it was like it was meant to be. She listens to all of our concerns and takes her time to explain. Our kids have so many health issues and she is always available. If for some reason she’s not in the office, one of the other doctors is always there to fill in. She makes sure we have doctor’s notes filled out and any paperwork and prescriptions, always, when we need them. Dr. Gorman has really been a perfect fit for our family. We couldn’t imagine anyone else caring for our kids.” – Shannon Rivera, Waterford

Lyric Green, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • St. John Pediatric Associates, 46591 Romeo Plank Road, Macomb Township
  • 586-226-6250

“She always takes her time talking to me about my son. She never makes me feel like she just does the job for the money like most doctors.” – Michelle Wilbur, Macomb Township

Hasan Hasaba, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Greenfield Pediatrics, 22255 Greenfield Road, Suite 320, Southfield
  • 248-559-7958

“Dr. Hasaba always takes his time to answer our concerns. We never feel rushed, never are made to feel foolish – and he respects our medical choices. As a baby, one of our sons would become agitated and tearful when visiting the doctor, but as he has grown older, that same son (now almost 5 years old) wants to be just like Dr. Hasaba! Our son has a lab coat and real kid-sized stethoscope that he wears to his baby brother’s appointments with Dr. Hasaba. Each time, Dr. Hasaba entertains our son’s desire to become a pediatric doctor and instructs our son how to use his stethoscope while examining our youngest son. In addition, whenever I have had a concern when we were not physically in the doctor’s office, Dr. Hasaba has always returned our calls promptly and with the same level of concern as he does in person. Once our son had an allergic reaction while we were attending a family funeral in Washington, D.C. and Dr. Hasaba spoke with us over the phone, allowed us to text photographs of our son’s condition, and guided us to help our little guy get better while we were on the road. My husband and I are truly grateful that we found Dr. Hasaba, because he makes us feel that our children aren’t just ‘patients’ for billing purposes. As parents, we feel our children are seen, heard and cared for by Dr. Hasaba as if we were a part of his family or friends. And that is important; that’s good old-school/old-fashioned physician relationship building, and that is compassionate care at its very core.” – Joi Bailey, Warren

Matthew Hornik, D.O., FAAP

  • Beaumont Health
  • Pediatric Care Corner, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2110, West Bloomfield
  • 248-926-1411

“This office is my favorite because every pediatrician there is so wonderful and personable. We’ve never left there unhappy or dissatisfied. They always have answers and treat our son so sweetly.” – Leann Aldrich, Commerce Township

Eileen Hug, D.O. 

  • Henry Ford Health System – Sterling Heights, 3500 15 Mile Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-977-9300

“Dr. Hug is a caring doctor. Her name describes her to a T. She has patience and can get kids to trust her. She has taken care of all three of my grandchildren and, even though the other doctors are good, they don’t get my grandkids to let them do a complete exam.” – Nadiya Penny, City not provided, Michigan

Ehud Kapen, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Southfield Pediatrics, 31500 Telegraph Road Suite 105, Bingham Farms
  • 248-540-8700

“Dr. Kapen always comes in with a friendly smile and listens attentively to my concerns for my child. He always has a resolution and shares a wealth of knowledge to help my little one get through whatever illness she has. He takes time and care with my daughter, and I really appreciate that.” – Carla Smith, Southfield

Melinda Karam, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Eastlake Pediatrics, 18325 E. 10 Mile Road, Suite 100, Roseville
  • 586-776-1010

“Dr. Karam is my favorite because she is awesome. Her office is kid- and family-friendly. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources. A visit to her office is never a long wait. My daughters (Ameeah and Aleemah) love going to see Dr. Karam.” – Rhonda Raheem, Eastpointe

Maureen Kelly, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Bloomfield Pediatric Care, 43205 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills
  • 248-451-0600

“Dr. Kelly is fantastic with children and she is terrific with parents. She is very patient and willing to listen. She also provides very practical advice to parents.” – Amanda Herndon, Clarkston

“These wonderful physicians always go above and beyond to make sure our children’s well-being and health are being taken care of.” – Alexander Sitto, Troy

“Dr. Kelly has been my son’s pediatrician since birth. She always takes the time to explain everything and make him feel comfortable even now that he is a teenager. Her exceptional care is second to none!” – Nancy Toton, Troy

Lara Kothari, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan, 3901 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-745-5533

“Dr. Kothari is a thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. She brings a world of knowledge with her every day. As a teacher, I can see her thinking as a scientist and a parent when looking at new cases. For our son, she has never been quick to judge symptoms; she is always trying to gather and look at all the evidence. This helped greatly when our son had pneumonia last year and other doctors were quick to treat it as bronchitis. On a separate occasion, she was very knowledgeable, again gathering all the evidence to make the correct diagnosis when other doctors were befuddled by his case. The mother in me appreciates her kindness and follow through with parents. Dr. Kothari was diligent and kind with her communication. She knew the things that would worry a parent and was able to go over the facts with me before I ever had a chance to worry or question. Her bedside manner was perfect for our son; she was able to answer all his questions in kid language and explain what was to come in a way to make him feel at ease and comfortable. You can tell she is a wonderful mother as well as doctor. At this point, Dr. Kothari is our go-to doctor when we have any questions or concerns regarding our son’s health. I know she will not steer us wrong.” – Leah Heydenburg, Bloomfield Hills

Larisa Kovacevic, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children Hospital of Michigan Pediatric Urology, 3901 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-745-5588

“Dr. K has an amazing bedside manner. Always smiling and happy, even when you know the clinic is busy. She is one of few doctors my son is comfortable with, and he doesn’t put up a fight when examined. We just love her.” – Rania Ajami, Dearborn

Heather Koza, M.D.

  • Novi Family Practice, 30880 Beck Road, Novi
  • 248-926-0009

“She’s very compassionate in her care and very knowledgeable.” – Fadi Francis, Troy

James Landers, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Pointe Pediatric Associates, 20825 Mack Ave., Suite 4, Grosse Pointe Woods
  • 313-881-6900

“Dr. Landers is a dedicated pediatrician who is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. My son has asthma and also acid reflux. We went to three different doctors and one specialist before finding Dr. Landers, who diagnosed the acid reflux. I can call any time and, if my son is sick, Dr. Landers will see him that day. Mrs. Landers works with her husband, and the entire staff at Pointe Pediatrics is always wonderful and makes you feel like you are part of their family. I have never experienced a better doctor or more caring practice. Dr. Landers won’t give up until he is 100-percent accurate with his diagnosis. Also, Mrs. Landers decorated each of the patient rooms herself – one is all about dogs, another is the jungle – and this alone is worth the visit.” – Rochelle Martin, St. Clair Shores

Christina Leo, D.O.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Northpointe Pediatrics, 30061 Schoenherr Road, Suite A, Warren
  • 586-558-2111

“Dr. Leo is so kind, gentle and present. She is nonjudgmental and I feel she really listens. The kids love her!” – Jennifer Pillow-White, Clinton Township

Robert Levy, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Dearborn Pediatrics, 2845 Monroe St., Dearborn
  • 313-730-0070

“Dr. Levy, along with the other doctors in his practice, are all absolutely wonderful. They are kind, patient, attentive, thorough, friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone in the area.” – Colleen Niemara, Dearborn

Tomas Macatangay, M.D.

  • Tomas Macatangay, M.D., 54158 Blue Cloud Drive, Shelby Township
  • 586-781-5172

“Dr. Mac is always there for his patients. He is very caring and knowledgeable. His patients love him.” – Vivian Hendericks, Clinton Township

“Super caring, always available. He’s very professional and kind with my 2-year-old. We love Dr. Mac!” – Kaitlyn Landers, Utica

Nicole Mahoney, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Pediatric Specialists of Bloomfield Hills, 43097 Woodward Ave., Suite 201, Bloomfield Hills
  • 248-454-9000

“Dr. Mahoney is an incredible pediatric doctor. She is very caring of her pediatric patients, but is also considerate and caring towards the parents and their families. She has provided our family with fantastic care as well as multiple resources and referrals when situations arise.” – Sarah Baker, Auburn Hills

“She seems to really care about the patients. She has kids of her own, so she can tell you what she knows as a medical doctor and as a mom. Dr. Shilling is wonderful, too, but we see Mahoney more often.” – Rebecca Barens, Bloomfield Hills

“Dr. Mahoney is simply wonderful. She makes you feel confident and comfortable with her care and diagnosis. She’s a mom of three, which is a huge advantage from my perspective, since she understands the patient/mom side as well as the physician side. Most importantly, my son adores her and is never fearful of going to the doc knowing she’s the best and will take great care of him.” – Tracy Cassady, Bloomfield Hills

“We never have too wait long and they are always very friendly and informative when we are there. They get back very quickly when you call, too!” – Amy Hawkins, Southfield

Nancy Mannisto, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Royal Oak Pediatrics, P.C., 26657 Woodward Ave., Suite 200, Huntington Woods
  • 248-398-8487

“She is great with all of my children. She always remembers them just like she is a member of our family.” – Aldreya Maxwell, Southfield

Tej Mattoo, M.D., DCH, FRCP (UK), FAAP

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Detroit, 3901 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-745-5604

“My son Jacob absolutely loves Dr. Mattoo and his staff. Not only does he take the time to answer all of our questions, but he explains everything to my 8-year-old so he understands what’s going on with his health, as well. His staff is beyond compare (especially Nancy and Rebecca). They are available any time we’ve had a question – or just there when you need a caring ear. Thank you for all you do!” – Julie Messer, Rochester Hills

Robert McGahey, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Cornerstone – Lakeview Pediatrics – Macomb, 46591 Romeo Plank Road, Suite 112, Macomb Township
  • 586-228-0130

“Dr. McGahey is real. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and he looks out for the best interest of my children. I chose him on a whim after meeting him at a parenting class. I was impressed with how he carried himself. Choosing him as my children’s pediatrician was the best decision I’ve made.” – Sarah Kelley, Fraser

Sharon McManus, D.O., FAAP

  • Beaumont Health
  • Pediatric Health Care, 42141 Mound Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-254-7593

“She always listens to your problems and gives sound advice. Very thorough. A genuine doctor who cares for her patients and their families.” – Sherene Buffa, Sterling Heights

Jacqueline Moore, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – Southfield, 22777 W. 11 Mile Road, Southfield
  • 248-386-5200

“Dr. Jacqueline P. Moore has a real passion for children. She makes it a point to really engage our children with love and compassion. Our 8- and 4-year-old never fuss about visiting Dr. Moore, even when it’s time to get their shots!” – Tanisha Bronaugh, Detroit

Ganga Nadarajah, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Northpointe Pediatrics, 30061 Schoenherr Road, Suite A, Warren
  • 586-558-2111

“She is amazing with my kids. She has taken care of them for the last 13 years. She has done a great job managing my son’s health issues.” – Heather Brockhaus, Macomb Township

Greg Naman, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • EPIC Primary Care, 911 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale
  • 248-336-4000

“The staff is not only companionate but also efficient! Anytime my family and I go in, he is very thorough and clear with what is happening and how to prevent (it) in future. They also have amazing technology and communicate very well with other specialists and pharmacies. I highly recommend to anyone, from newborns to seniors, looking for amazing care.” – Gina Kalabat, West Bloomfield

“He is super smart; always keeps up with the newest studies. He cares deeply for his patients.” – Jessamyne Kalabat, West Bloomfield

“Takes time to listen to your needs, very good at diagnosis; shows compassion and patience.” – Rene LeBlanc-Sharer, Pleasant Ridge

“Dr. Greg is always there when my kids need to see him. He spends a lot of time with them and me to make sure we understand what is going on with their health.” – Larry Martin, Madison Heights

“Dr. Naman is experienced, treats my family with respect and always has a solution for our ailments or a suggestion for our health questions. He is confident and competent.” – Rosemary Tolchin, Oak Park

“Dr. Greg Naman is a wonderful physician; we chose him to be our daughter’s pediatrician after having extremely positive experiences with him as my husband’s PCP. In fact, we’ve since moved away from Ferndale but make the drive down from Troy in order to continue to see Dr. Greg and EPIC Primary Care doctors. We’ll be long-time patients for this practice.” – Kirsten Toth, Troy

“They are awesome.” – Amanda Wills, Novi

Ted Naman, M.D. 

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • EPIC Primary Care, 911 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale
  • 248-336-4000

“Dr. Ted Naman is more than a doctor. He is a detective that actually listens to you and then helps to detect what the problem may be and solve it. Most doctors interrupt you in 15 seconds and give you a pill. Not Dr. Ted. He sincerely cares and, if he doesn’t know the answer, goes on the hunt for it or recommends where to go to find it. He is a keeper!” – Andrea Hughes, Pontiac

“Very knowledgeable. Great explanation of things. Great manner and pleasant attitude. Always willing to hear my concerns and give other suggestions.” – Nicole Jones, Southfield

“Dr. Ted listens and thinks. He is straightforward and approachable with questions. He is great at analyzing a situation and suggesting treatment that works for the patient.” – Arlene Pollock, Royal Oak

“Dr. Ted sees most of my family and some friends. He is very down-to-earth and very caring. He’s very easy to talk to and very good at explaning everything.” – Rita Rucker, Detroit

“Dr. Ted listens to you. He helps you with weight loss and he is very good at helping with your blood-pressure lowering. He also counsels you on better health chocies.” – Sheldon Smith, Southfield

“On the cutting edge of technology. Helps other physicians get on board with current trends in medicine. Is cordial and thorough.” – Dennis Young, Ferndale

Michelle Ober, M.D., FAAP

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Pediatric Care Corner, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2110, West Bloomfield
  • 248-926-1411

“Dr. Ober has a great way with the kids in helping understand the problem. She is patient, kind and truly cares about her patients.” – Tracy B, West Bloomfield

David Obudzinski, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Beverly Hills Pediatrics, 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 110, Bingham Farms
  • 248-644-1221

“Very caring, very patient, thorough, listens to parents’ concerns. Wish my 17-year-old could have him forever; have seen him for all 17 years. The best!” – Gladys Boison-Kwakyi, Huntington Woods

“He takes his time and is very thorough. He specializes in development and child behavioral issues and really knows his stuff.” – Jessica Sanders, Southfield

Silvia Operti, M.D. 

  • Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
  • Kidz 1st Pediatrics, 2370 Walton Blvd., Suite 3, Rochester Hills
  • 248-651-8197

“Best doctor.” – Diana Gomez, Oakland Township

Michelle Philp, PA-C, IBLC, RLC

  • Edgewood Pediatrics, 8896 Commerce Road, Suite 5, Commerce Township
  • 248-360-9241

“Michelle is my pediatric go-to! She treats me and my two boys like family no matter what we are coming in for. Not only is she is a board-certified physician assistant and outstanding practitioner, she’s also a certified lactation consultant! She was a savior through my early mommy nursing struggles and has always been supportive and genuine.” – Elizabeth Knight, West Bloomfield

Kerri Randall, M.D., FAAP

  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • IHA Pediatric Healthcare – Canton, 49650 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 210, Canton
  • 734-398-7899

“Dr. Randall is so caring and patient with the kids as well as the parents. She is very open-minded when it comes to concerns that a parent might have but all the tests might be coming back ‘normal.’ She digs to find the answers.” – Jayme Champagne- Schellenberger, Belleville

Sheila Rao, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Cornerstone – Lakeview Pediatrics, 20225 E. Nine Mile, Suite A, St. Clair Shores
  • 586-772-1090

“Dr. Rao is a wonderful pediatrician and a warm and kind person. If you could think of all the qualities you would want in a doctor to care for your children, she is all of those things … and more! Dr. Rao is so smart! She listens very carefully to the parent and the child, picking up on key details to inform her diagnosis. She always works with the parent as a team, rather than telling the parent what to do. This has been the key to helping my children several times. She asks questions and respects that I know my children well and have valuable information to contribute. Several times over the years, other doctors have given me an incorrect diagnosis or unhelpful advice and rushed me through without listening carefully to what I want to tell them. Then I end up having to go back again or go somewhere else because my issue is not resolved. This never happens with Dr. Rao. You will always leave with a plan. You will know exactly what to do and why. No matter how busy she may be, you will never know it because she takes her time with you and treats each patient as though they are her personal friend! She takes the time to get to know your child and their interests and fears, and tailors her care to make each child feel comfortable. She always is friendly, cheerful and has a great sense of humor. She really understands kids. She speaks to them and listens to them and earns their trust and respect. (I will never forget the time I took my first child to a pediatrician when she was 4 days old. The doctor handled and talked about my newborn like she was examining and describing a toaster, not a baby. No affect at all! I never went back.) You will always feel Dr. Rao’s genuine love of children. It helps that she also has a child a little older than mine. She has gone through the same things as a parent. I can say, for example, ‘Did your child get this vaccination?’ And she will tell me the truth. I can’t emphasize enough how many times I have said, ‘Thank God for Dr. Rao!’ because, time and time again, she has solved medical problems for my children. She always seems to get it ‘right,’ but I think it is because she is so thorough and plans out with you what to do if this happens and what to do if that happens. It means so much to me to have her helping me with my children’s health care and well-being. I trust her judgment 100 percent.” – Jill Winter, Macomb Township

Rachel Rice, D.C.

  • Journey to Health, LLC, 34770 Dequindre Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-264-9470

“Great family chiropractor office! My family and I have been patients at this office for over eight years. Drs. Aaron and Rachel Rice truly take the time to care and listen to all patients’ needs, from infants to adults. Highly recommend going to Journey to Health for quality care!” – Karen Colley, Clinton Township

Christina Ritter, CPNP, DNP

  • Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
  • Kidz 1st Pediatrics, 2370 Walton Blvd., Suite 3, Rochester Hills
  • 248-651-8197

“Dr. Ritter makes you feel at home when you visit her. You feel no judgment or criticism as a first-time mom for ‘freaking out’ over every little thing or as a ‘seasoned’ mom for ‘freaking out’ over every little thing. I really love every doctor in this practice, but Christina is my favorite because she is always welcoming, happy and always willing to go above and beyond to make my children feel comfortable in the practice. The practice as a whole is very supportive of not just children but the well-being of the family as a whole. For each recurring well-check they ask how things are at home, if any major changes have taken place, etc., and I find that attention to detail and care of the overall family is what truly sets this practice apart and above all the rest.” – Nora Arnold, Troy

“All the doctors at Kidz 1st are amazing but we especially love Christina, who is our regular doctor. She is very down-to-earth, gives practical advice and sincerely cares about the children she cares for. She is also a lactation consultant and was very helpful while I was breast-feeding.” – Ashley Majeski, Oakland Township

“She is attentive, honest, caring and always incredibly sweet to my kids. She listens and provides great medical care. We appreciate all the doctors and staff at Kidz 1st.” – Dana Peznowski, Rochester

Robert Roman, M.D.

  • St. John Providence | Ascension
  • Watch Me Grow Pediatrics, 33200 14 Mile Road, Suite 130, West Bloomfield
  • 248-855-4144

“Dr. Roman has been an absolute blessing in helping us manage my 3-year-old son Parker’s asthma since he was brought in at just 6 months old barely breathing. I have taken my 6-year-old daughter since she was born and now my son. They both love Dr. Roman and enjoy seeing his wonderful staff. Everyone at Watch Me Grow is always so caring, and I know it’s due to the great energy Dr. Roman brings to the office. I would definitely refer any parent looking for a kind pediatrician to Dr. Roman.” – Michaele Tocco, Madison Heights

Lisa Saab, M.D. 

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Medical Group, 5500 Auto Club Drive, Suite 160, Dearborn
  • 313-425-4500

“She is so nice, patient and knowledgeable. She never makes me feel rushed, and I’m always fully confident that the issues have been solved. I trust her 100 percent with my kids and their health and well-being.” – Sara O’Neill, Dearborn Heights

“She is not an ASD pediatrician but the care and patience she has with my son is amazing. She is super responsive to any questions I have and goes above and beyond all the time. She remembers all of his quirks and works with them to get through an exam rather than just fighting all the time.” – Amanda Paige, Detroit

Neda Saker, M.D., FAAP

  • Beaumont Health
  • Troy Pediatrics, 1380 Coolidge Highway, Suite 240, Troy
  • 248-435-9310

“Dr. Neda Saker has taken extremely good care of my three children for more than 10 years. She is kind, patient and a good listener. She has that gentle touch with the very young babies and a caring disposition with the older tweens. Her office is clean and the staff is very friendly.” – Angela Schroeder, Troy

“Always fits me in right away and really cares for her patients.” – Kayla Sulaka, Sterling Heights

“Very caring with her patients.” – Sandy Woodstock, Rochester

Susan Sauber, M.D., FAAP

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Medical Center Pediatrics, 30400 Telegraph Road, Suite 101, Bingham Farms
  • 248-691-8614

“I went through four doctors when I first had my son. I really needed a great doctor! I cannot tell you how happy I was to find Dr. Sauber. I will tell you why: I call on doctors for my profession, and I can tell which doctors stay up-to-date on information, trends and medicines and which ones stay in their comfort zone and practice as they have for many years. Dr. Sauber is so knowledgeable and connected. She knows what specialist to send you to, what ways to help you with almost any issue and gives comfort during your visit along with knowledge without judgment. The office has a sleep specialist, a nursing specialist, fantastic nurses that listen and respond well when you call in, plus a great new and well-thought-out office. I am so thankful for Dr. Sauber and wish every doctor was like her.” – Danielle Watson, Beverly Hills

Jeanne Seyfried, M.D.

  • University Of Michigan Hospitals & Health Center
  • Northville Health Center, 39901 Traditions Drive, Floor 2, Northville
  • 248-305-4400

“You couldn’t dream of a better doctor for your child. She’s soft-spoken, respects a parent’s input but, most important, she listens. Keep reading because I know you will have many more parents leaving positive comments about Dr. Seyfried.” – Beth Plucinski, Livonia

Christa Shilling, M.D. 

  • Beaumont Health
  • Pediatric Specialists of Bloomfield Hills North, 3226 Hidden Timber Drive, Suite A, Lake Orion
  • 248-499-6630

“Dr. Shilling is one of the most friendly providers I’ve ever known. Her demeanor is the most amazing, calm, friendly and very informational.” – Nadine Heller, Oxford

“Dr. Shilling is caring and genuine, but she is also a knowledgeable and competent pediatrician. Her practice is well-organized, clean and comfortable. Staff are accommodating and do a wonderful job interacting with my child. Dr. Shilling provided a free appointment for me to come in while pregnant to meet with her and answered all my questions in addition to providing information that was pertinent to me and my husband as new parents. Since then, we have received excellent service and support through first-year well visits and one double ear infection. All in all, Dr. Shilling provides a caring and efficient practice that is exactly what this first-time mom needs!” – Erica Wallace, Oxford

Lynn Smitherman, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan, 3901 Beaubien St., Office of Pediatric Education, Detroit
  • 313-832-8290

“Dr. Smitherman was my pediatrician back in the early ’80’s! She was an awesome and easy-going doctor then and is even more awesome now. She always gave our family extra supplies and samples when she could; we were low-income at the time. Dr. Smitherman is knowledgable, still, with different resources for my daughter including formula, immunizations and clothing assistance. Also, Dr. Smitherman is personable; using her own past experiences, she tells me straightforward about the things that I have to do for my child to maintain her health and well-being. I greatly appreciate that she is honest about becoming a first-time parent and a grandparent. It was complete kismet that Dr. Smitherman became the attending physician at my daughter’s clinic; we could not have chosen a better person to be our daughter’s pediatrician!” – Erica Jackson, Detroit

Edward Suchyta, M.D. 

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – Lakeside, 14500 Hall Road, Sterling Heights
  • 586-247-2700

“Dr. Suchyta has been our family pediatrician for over 15 years now. He has been at the hospital after all three of my children’s births. He takes his time explaining everything to you. I feel confident and informed in the information that he gives. He is kind and all of my kids feel comfortable with him.” – Nina Vasquez, Macomb Township

Judy Tosto, M.D., FAAP

  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • IHA Pediatric Healthcare – Canton, 49650 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 210, Canton
  • 734-398-7899

“Dr. Tosto is an amazing pediatrician! She has been caring for my three children for five years now. She truly cares about their health. She takes great pride in her work, and she’s very smart. Dr. Tosto offers so much great information at each visit. Her recommendations are always spot-on. She treats my children as if she’s treating her own. I trust every judgment she makes. I recommend Dr. Tosto is everyone I know and anyone that asks. We love you, Dr. Tosto!” – Jamie Sanders, Canton

Anuradha Vempati, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Eastman & Vempati, M.D., P.C., 30795 23 Mile Road Suite 202, Chesterfield Township
  • 586-421-1740

“My boys have been coming to the practice for over two years. Dr. Vempati is wonderful with them! She takes her time and talks to the boys and explains how she will be examining them. The office is clean and very kid friendly. We enjoy coming for our annual checkups.” – Holly Miron, Chesterfield Township

“I’ve been going to this practice for over 10 years and they are always friendly and thorough.” – Michelle Ropp, Harrison Township

Erin Walton-Doyle, M.D.

  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • St. Mary Mercy Primary Care Livonia, 14600 Farmington Road, Suite 105, Livonia
  • 734-655-8200

“Dr. Walton-Doyle is a tremendous physician and has provided exceptional care for our daughter. Prior to our daughter’s birth, Dr. Walton-Doyle afforded us the opportunity to come meet her to determine if she was the right fit for us and to ask her any questions, free of charge. She and her partners in office offer extended office hours, so we can bring our daughter before and after normal business hours. Dr. Walton-Doyle has been very patient with us as first-time parents, answering any questions we have and making herself available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Her health care team is very knowledgeable and welcoming, and they make every effort to accommodate our needs. Additionally, Dr. Walton-Doyle has board certifications in internal medicine and pediatrics, so she can care for our whole family under one roof, which is a great convenience for us. Overall, Dr. Walton-Doyle provides a phenomenal patient experience. We’ve put our trust in her to care for our child, and I would highly recommend her to anyone to do the same!” – Jeffrey and Vani Patterson, Livonia

Richard Weiermiller, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Bering, Weiermiller and McComb, M.D.s, 1055 S. Blvd. East, Suite 220, Rochester Hills
  • 248-817-2230

“Living in Oxford, we drive past many pediatric offices to go to Dr. Weiermiller. He takes his time with every patient. Whenever we have questions about our kids, all we have to do is call the on-call line and, within less than five minutes, he calls us. Dr. Weiermiller is very personable and professional. If we ever have questions about something going on with our kids, he takes his time and makes sure we understand and calms my nerves. He has many patients but he treats them all like we are his only ones. He talks to our kids instead of just mom and dad. Dr. Weiermiller is highly recommended by many and just all-around great.” – Ashley Rice, Oxford

Nakia Williams, M.D.

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – New Center One, 3031 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 800, Detroit
  • 313-916-3121

(No specific comment provided.) – Mercedes Davis-Murray, Detroit

Stacey Wittenberg, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Birmingham Pediatrics Wellness Center, 3270 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 400, Troy
  • 248-816-2558

“Dr. Stacey has treated all three of my boys. She is always professional, thorough and makes the kids feel at ease. The office is great and does not feel like your typical doctor’s office; the doctors do not wear white coats and there is no exam table. We love Dr. Stacey as well as all of the doctors at this practice.” – Katie Soboleski, Novi

Crystal Woods, M.D.

  • My Kid’s Doc Southfield, 29255 Northwestern Highway, Suite 100, Southfield
  • 248-358-2410

“Genuinely loves her job and her patients. She cares about her position as a doctor and the care she proves for the patients as a whole. The staff is amazing and friendly. I love everything about My Kids Doc!” – Lastasia Woods, City not provided, Michigan

Maria Wozniak, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Eastman & Wozniak, M.D., P.C., 2055 E. 14 Mile Road, Birmingham
  • 248-645-1740

“Never wait long for a visit, speaks both Polish and English, answers calls afterhours, helpful and avoids using antibiotics if unnecessary.” – Karolina Wierzbicka, Waterford

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Bradley Tilford, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Detroit Medical Center, 3901 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-745-5629

“Dr. Tilford took care of our daughter when she was seriously ill. He always took the time to keep our (large) family updated on her progress and in terms that we could understand. She is doing wonderfully today! Thank you, Dr. Tilford.” – Lisa Manny, St. Clair Shores

Pediatric Endocrinology

Marjorie Golekoh, M.D. 

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Detroit Medical Center, 3950 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-832-9220

“Dr. Golekoh goes above and beyond for her patients. She is caring and very thorough! Not only am I a nurse at Children’s Hospital, but I am a mom. I trust Dr. Golekoh to take care of my daughter. She is a terrific doctor.” – Elissa Potter, Westland

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Mohammad El-Baba, M.D.

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Detroit Medical Center, 3950 Beaubien St., Detroit
  • 313-745-5585

“Dr. El-Baba is the best gastroenterologist. He is very thorough and considerate of every patient. I am a nurse at Children’s Hospital and also a parent. My daughter has special needs, and he has gone above and beyond to care for us over the years. We really appreciate his expertise and care!” – Elissa Potter, Westland

Pediatric Orthopedics

Stacy Frye, M.D.

  • Hurley Pediatric Specialists, 5495 S. Dort Highway, Flint
  • 810-262-7747

(No specific comment provided.) – Amy Youngblood, Highland

Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Edward Dabrowski, M.D.

  • Beaumont Health
  • Boll Center for Human Development, 17150 Waterloo St., Grosse Pointe Neighborhood Club, Suite 250, Grosse Pointe
  • 313-472-4797

“My son has cerebral palsy. Dr. Dabrowski has been treating him for 12 years. The strides my sons has made because of the help/knowledge from Dr. Dabrowski is amazing. Dr. Dabrowski is great with children with special needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and can communicate this knowledge in such a way that it is understood by adults and children.” – Katherine MacMaster, Grosse Pointe Woods

Physical Therapy

Deanna Cueny, PT 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-707-3100

“She has always been honest with me when it comes to care for my daughter. I really value what she has to say.” – Bethani Desantis, Clarkston

Deblina Deb, DPT

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Deblina is a great pediatric physical therapist. She loves my kids and makes sure they are excelling and doing their best. She has truly changed my son’s life. He is brave, strong and outgoing now. And a lot of it is thanks to Ms. Deb.” – Mya Hocken, Commerce Township

“Deb is a pediatric physical therapist, and she is amazing with our daughter Lily. She is very patient, educated – and Lily loves her Tuesdays with Deb!” – Bianoca Knight, Commerce Township

“Deb has been working as my son’s physical therapist. She has helped him make such fantastic strides. My son enjoys working with her and she has worked hard to help him meet his goals in speech and occupational therapy as well as PT by coordinating with his other therapists. She provides me with resources and ideas that have helped my son at home. We have really enjoyed our sessions with Ms. Deb.” – Michelle Vanston, West Bloomfield

Justine Hatcher, DPT 

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Justine has done amazing things for our daughter. She is great with kids, patient, fun and always has a new idea to try with physical therapy. It’s not always easy to get a kid to cooperate for therapy, but Justine always has a creative solution that motivates our daughter and makes it a fun exercise. Justine obviously cares about her patients and shares our excitement when our daughter makes progress or meets the next milestone.” – Lisa Kong, West Bloomfield

Anam Taufiq 

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan Stilson Specialty Center – Clinton Township, 42700 Garfield Road, Clinton Township
  • 586-532-3370

“Our daughter was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disorder two years ago at age 2. This disorder causes her to have low muscle tone which makes basic movements, such as walking, a significant challenge. Shortly after the diagnosis, Anam Taufiq began regular physical therapy sessions with our daughter at Stilson Center through Children’s Hospital. I have no reservation in expressing my belief that my daughter is still walking today in large part due to Ms. Taufiq’s efforts. Ms. Taufiq’s expertise in physical therapy treatment was obvious from day one. She always explained the import of each exercise and how they would help our daughter achieve her long-term goals. What impressed us the most was Ms. Taufiq’s ability to motivate our daughter into give her best during each physical therapy session. Our daughter, even as a toddler, recognized that Ms. Taufiq genuinely loved her and reciprocated through hard work and following instruction.
Ms. Taufiq evinced her truly altruistic nature in a variety of ways that went beyond my daughter’s therapy sessions. She created a special needs photography page for the purpose of raising awareness and connecting families. For the page, she arranged a modeling session solely for our daughter at a dance studio. That day, our daughter felt as special and loved as any child could. Ms. Taufiq also nominated our daughter for the Make a Wish Foundation, for which she was approved. She also invited our daughter to help write Valentine’s Day cards to hundreds of terminally ill children in hospitals across the United States. That session helped inspire our daughter to donate her hair for Wigs 4 Kids.
Words can not describe the devastation we felt after our daughter’s diagnosis. Treating physicians opined that she might not reach the age of 8. In our deep despair, we were desperate for any hope. Ms. Taufiq was one of the few rays of hope who strengthened our resolve and will to fight for our daughter. During such a dark and foggy beginning, Ms. Taufiq gave us precisely what we needed, which was confidence and a plan for our daughter. Her big heart continues to drive us. In then end, we could not be luckier that Ms. Taufiq is a part of our daughter’s life, and she has become more than a treating physical therapist; she is family.” – Michael Servitto, Mount Clemens


Michael Behen, Ph.D., L.P. 

  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • The Imagine Center for Psychological Health, 4160 Woodward Ave., Second Floor, Detroit
  • 313-656-4052

“Dr. Mike Behen and his staff at The Imagine Center are the most thorough people I’ve worked with. I’ve felt listened to and understood at every step of the process with my son – and felt like every person I worked with at the office really took time to get an idea of what our concerns were. Dr. Behen himself met with me several times, and at the end he met with me to talk about the results of the evaluation and gave me peace of mind about what I could do to help my son do better in school and with his behavior. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” – Amanda Kalinowski, Royal Oak

Barbara A. Foley, Ph.D.

  • Barbara A. Foley, Ph.D., P.L.L.C., 31275 Northwestern Highway Suite 150, Farmington Hills
  • 248-626-8899

“Never thought we’d be dealing with sexuality issues with our child at such a young age. Dr. Foley has been very sensitive to the fact that this is hard for us to deal with and has been terrific with our child who is confused about being a boy or girl – and great with us because we were clueless on how to react. Referral came from a trusted friend, and Dr. Foley’s professionalism, sensitivity and kindness towards all of us has been way beyond what I would have expected. Lots of insight, gentleness and above all, respect. Top psychologist ever, in my opinion.” – Mark Branson, Gladwin

“We are a multiracial family with adopted children. Finding someone who deals with these issues is hard, but our pediatrician recommended Dr. Foley. She returned our call personally the day we left a message (amazing!), scheduled an appointment around our kids’ crazy schedules and was knowledgeable in all the areas we needed her to know about. She is a superior listener, hearing what was implied and not always stated, and worked with my spouse and me on developing effective parenting skills before she met with us as a family. She is kind, insightful and direct, both with adults and kids, and this is a combination that is hard to find. Superior psychologist with superior training! We would highly recommend her.” – Janice Chicorel, Royal Oak

Speech/Language Pathology

Kristen Curmi, M.S., CCC-SLP

  • Building Bridges Therapy Center, 46200 Port St., Plymouth
  • 734-454-0866

“Miss Kristen is great with my son. She challenges him to meet new social milestones while keeping the sessions fun and engaging. She listens to my concerns and tailors his sessions around them. We love Miss Kristen!” – Rebecca Sparks, Canton

Alisha Feldman, M.A., CCC-SLP

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Alisha is amazing with my son. She is very patient yet firm, which is exactly what my son needs. She has even figured out ways to keep my son’s attention, which has been difficult in the past. He has improved so much in the last year!” – Jennifer Alsup, Holly

“Alisha is very personable and relates well to kids. My son enjoys his appointments with Alisha. She makes the sessions fun and entertaining while helping at the same time. She adjusts therapy to each individual child and what they need to improve on.” – Rhonda Bierl, Highland

“My son is encouraged by her positive attitude. I have seen tremendous changes over the past six months. She is incredibly organized and has gone above and beyond to help my son. She is greatly appreciated! He always looks forward to coming to therapy here.” – Heather Ettinger, Commerce Township

“All three of my kids have been helped by Alisha, and she just has a great way with kids. She makes things fun while still helping them learn and be able to do what they need to do to function effectively in life. She truly cares about my kids and wants to make sure she does everything she can to help them. They all love her!” – Sandra Ferris, Commerce Township

(No specific comment provided.) – Janna Frame, South Lyon

“My daughter has been seeing Alisha for the past year for speech therapy. Alisha is very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. My daughter has a difficult time speaking clearly and is improving with Alisha.” – Michelle Hoorn, Northville

“Friendly, prompt, and efficient communication (direct texting with service therapist).” – Marcus LaPratt, White Lake

“Our daughter has been seeing Alisha for the past several years. Our daughter has Down syndrome and is speech delayed. Alisha has done a wonderful job in teaching her to communicate through sign language and speech. She is very good at working with our sometimes-stubborn child!” – Becky Pietila, Hartland

“Alisha has given my twins a voice. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to hear our kids’ ideas and thoughts thanks to the work and support of Alisha. She is kind, supportive, easy to communicate with and provides us with her time and advice as well as resources. My kids love her and so do we!” – Michelle Vanston, West Bloomfield

“She is very nice to work with. My kids love her! She genuinely cares for her patients. Always good with providing resources and a home program to continue working with your child to reinforce what she practices with them. So many people are impressed with how far his speech has come since we started working with her.” – Kara Walker, New Hudson

“My son has added many words and sentences since he has started seeing Alisha. She has always been patient and kind with him.” – Alicia Wilcox, Milford

“Ms. Alisha is our favorite because not only is she amazing at her job, she always goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are getting the best possible help and treatment. We have been seeing her for years and love her!” – Stephanie Wise, Clarkston

Lynn Gallagher, M.A., CCC-SLP

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 2636 S. Milford Road, Highland
  • 248-684-9610

“Our son is very receptive to her and she is very knowledgeable in her field.” – April Denardo, Metamora

“Lynn has been with my daughter for two years and has gotten her so much further and closer to talking. She’s very good with her.” – Rosalee Harwood, Holly

“Lynn had an immediate connection with my daughter to make her enjoy speech.” – Chasitie Hyde, Highland

“Ms. Lynn is wonderful. She is very clear in her communication with and works wll with Irelyn. Irelyn loves coming to speech.” – Allison Kasten, Holly

“Lynn has helped my daughter build confidence in her speaking and improve her speech.” – Pamela Matzner, New Hudson

“Lynn is great with my son and makes speech therapy really fun for him – and makes it easy for him to understand.” – Brandon Stevens, White Lake

“Roman adores Ms. Lynn. He gets very excited when Mondays and Thursdays are coming. He works very well with her – and he is very stubborn. She is awesome!” – Ashley Williams, Waterford

“Roman loves Lynn.” – Ashley Williams, Waterford

Jenna Perrotta, M.A., CCC-SLP

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 3285 Martin Road Suite 104, Commerce Township
  • 248-684-9610

“She is a excellent therapist who is very patient with my son and creative.” – Simone Anthony, West Bloomfield

“Our son has worked with Jenna since he started speech therapy over a year ago, and he has made tremendous progress with her! She is very kind and has amazing patience. She makes therapy fun, and my son looks forward to his session each week. I highly recommend anyone looking for a speech pathologist to schedule an appointment with Jenna.” – Nicole Melville, West Bloomfield

“She puts lots of effort and my kids came a long way.” – Saima Rashid, West Bloomfiled

Heather Reynolds, SLP

  • Thera-Peds, 14153 Rick Drive, Shelby Township
  • 586-566-0326

“She is respectful of my child and of me as his mother. She works with my child with unflagging enthusiasm and kindness.” – Stephanie Zablocki, Brown City

Kristen Yono, M.A., SLP

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy, 7822 Andersonville Road, Clarkston
  • 248-707-3100

“She works so well with my bossy 3-year-old. She is very patient with my daughter and makes everything fun.” – Savannah Miller, Lake Orion

“She does a great job with my sometimes-difficult son. She is patient, kind and optimistic.” – Nichole Rinehart, Clarkston

“My son has been seeing Ms. Kris for almost a year now. She is amazing with children; so warm and welcoming. He went from saying one or twp words to saying complete sentences. I attribute his success to Ms. Kris’ amazing work!” – Jennifer Tate, Oxford

Metro Parent Editorial Team
Metro Parent Editorial Team
Since 1986, the Metro Parent editorial team is trained to be the go-to source for metro Detroit families, offering a rich blend of expert advice, compelling stories, and the top local activities for kids. Renowned for their award-winning content, the team of editors and writers are dedicated to enriching family life by connecting parents with the finest resources and experiences our community has to offer.


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