Dads Pose for Their Own ‘Pregnancy’ Photos

Using mom's bump as a prop, these dads posed for their own maternity shots and the results are oddly hilarious.

Ah, maternity photos. They’ve really skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years, and we here at Metro Parent have written about some of the wackiest pregnancy pics we’ve seen.

Many moms have made questionable decisions when it comes to props – including bees, glitter and milk. You name it, moms-to-be have covered themselves in it for the perfect pregnancy photo. They pick random spots to take photos, too, like the mom who snapped shots at her local Target store (my personal favorite!).

But now, dads are getting in on the fun and starting their very own maternity shoot trend by using mama’s belly as the perfect prop for these “pregnant dad” pictures.

“Instead of stuffing a pillow or a balloon under their shirts, the dads are actually using moms’ bellies as props,” CafeMom’s Jordyn Smith writes. “It looks like all you really need to make it happen is a pregnant mom willing to lean backward, a conveniently placed tree or doorway, and a dad who’s down to get silly.”

You will have a WTF moment when you first see the pics, because they are sort of odd. But then you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous these dads look. Honestly, though, I think these photos are great – and I love that these couples aren’t taking themselves too seriously (you know, like the folks who do those high fashion maternity shoots and think they are so cool).

I’m happy to see dads having some fun at these maternity shoots, which we all know are more for the expectant mom. I know my husband – who hates being in front of the camera – did not enjoy my maternity shoot at all. Had we seen this trend around that time, I know he would have followed it and had a few laughs during the process.

What do you think of these “pregnant dad” pics? Tell us in comments.

Photo courtesy of CafeMom


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