Man Threatens to Break Kid's Legs for Kicking His Plane Seat

Traveling with children can be rough – for parents and for those on the same airplane, if you’re flying. But one dude could not keep it together when a 7-year-old was allegedly kicking the back of his seat during a flight.

Brett Walter John Gale of Brisbane, Australia was aboard a Virgin Australia flight to Brisbane when a 7-year-old child was kicking his seat, The Courier Mail reports. Following take off, Gale turned around to tell the 7-year-old, “stop kicking the f***ing seat.”

As if one stern use of an expletive wasn’t enough, shortly after the plane landed, Gale turned to the mother and two children behind him to share some more thoughts. “They kicked the seat the whole time; discipline the little c***s.”

AND apparently even that wasn’t satisfying enough. According to the news report, he went a step farther, threatening the 7-year-old child, “Go on, kick the f***ing seat again and I will break your f***ing legs.”

Gale couldn’t let it go. Spewing obscenities and threatening physical harm to a child still didn’t do the trick, because he continued, scolding the mom, “Ever heard of discipline?” and, “Why don’t you try disciplining your f***ing kids?” The Courier Mail reports that even when a passenger told Gale to “show control,” Gale lost it on him, threatening a fight.

Clearly, this man’s patience is real thin. Plus, to no one’s surprise, this hot-headed man has a criminal record, including many offenses but also serious assault, the news outlet adds.

Let’s get this truth out of the way: Nobody wants a kid sitting behind them kicking their seat for such a duration of time, and mom should have been mindful of what her kids were doing. It seems like at least the 7-year-old was old enough to understand you don’t continue to kick somebody’s seat – especially after they’ve told you to knock it off.

However, I can’t really defend this jerk who was way out of line for using such nasty words with other human beings, let alone children. So I am happy to share that the Brisbane Magistrates Court fined Gale $750 for being a complete meany (or for pleading guilty to offensive and disorderly conduct, the Courier Mail notes).

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