Mom Blogger Designs 'Tool' To Teach Kids About Birth

"Mom, where do babies come from?" It's the much-dreaded question that your little one will eventually blurt out when she gets curious enough. But how do you answer? The stork, or "the real" answer?

A mom blogger wants you to ditch the stork tale and stop stammering to find a suitable explanation. Kim, a mom of two who runs One Classy Motha!, invented a "tool" that leaves nothing to the imagination: Beaver Baby.

Yep, that's right. Beaver Baby describes exactly what you're thinking of. This faux vagina made of felt – and complete with pubic hair – can be turned inside out, transforming into a bundled baby girl or boy. It's "just like Mother Nature intended," One Classy Motha! writes.

"This vag-u-cational tool was made to be a fun and informative way to help your children understand the miracle of birth while allowing you to shirk your parental duties. Win-win," blogger Kim explains.

The sight of Beaver Baby is awkward, but it's pretty humorous in that "I get the joke and realize it's somewhat vulgar" sort of way. Especially when you realize you can customize the color of the pubic hair – or order a Brazilian. Sorry, redheads, the carpet can't match the drapes on this one!

So, for $19.99 plus shipping, you could have your very own Beaver Baby with (or without) "new and improved" pubic hair, and customize the baby who "comes out." One Classy Motha! proposes it makes "a great baby shower gift, a special memento for the new mom, a gender-reveal surprise for the lucky grandparents or a birthday present for that eccentric friend of yours that likes to gross people out at parties!"

Perturbed? Feel like this invention is inappropriate and plain weird? Understandable. The transformation from reproductive organ to baby is rather disturbing.

But, based on the rest of the One Classy Motha! blog, the Beaver Baby is likely for kicks and giggles. Kim describes her sense of humor as "warped" and jokes, "In fact, after reading (the blog), you'll most likely walk away feeling like a superior parent and an all-around better person. You're welcome."


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