Mom Weighs Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Daily

When her daughter was bullied for her weight, British mom Nadia Udin decided to start weighing her each day. She thinks all families should have daily weigh-ins, and I think she's completely wrong.

We know that what we say to our children about their weight has a huge impact on their health. In fact, studies show they are more likely to binge and less likely to exercise. And recently, a study found that telling teens to go on diets actually leads to a greater risk of obesity and eating disorders.

Yet that doesn’t stop parents from talking to their kids about their weight gain or taking extreme measures to manage their child’s weight – like British mom Nadia Udin does. The mom who wrote a personal essay in The Sun admitted that she weighs her 6-year-old daughter every day to keep an eye on her “puppy fat.”

After having her first child, Udin started having weight issues, CafeMom reports. “During that time, she began weighing herself every day and says that it ‘helped me keep my weight in check.’ So when her 6-year-old daughter Shifaria started getting bullied by her classmates for being ‘chubby,’ she started weighing her every day, too.”

Mom said she is empowering her daughter, not shaming her, but I disagree. This mom is putting a lot of emphasis on weight, and I believe that could be detrimental this to child’s health – both mentally and physically.

One thing this mom did that I actually appreciate is she made it a family affair – and didn’t single out her daughter. The family exercises together and shares healthy eating habits.

“When I realised she could do with losing some puppy fat, I was adamant that we were all doing it together,” mom wrote. “I didn’t want her to have a complex about it. Iman explained to her why it was important. She adores her big sister and accepted the words of warning about type two diabetes if we didn’t keep an eye on our weight.”

She even urges parents to keep an eye on their child’s weight.

“You are the parent. It isn’t fair to allow them a free reign. Setting them up with good habits can only be a good thing for their future. If you really love your children, you’ll keep their weight in check,” she added.

But here’s where she loses me again. If you really love your child, you’ll keep their weight in check? I really love my child, but I don’t plan to keep his weight in check by weighing him daily. I don’t think you need to weigh your children every day in order to keep them trim. If your entire family is following a healthy lifestyle – with both diet and exercise – then that should be enough.

By focusing on weight so much, this mom is making it a bigger issue, and she’s sending a message to her daughter that thinner is better. Coming from someone who has never been “thin” but is completely healthy, I can tell you that being “thinner” doesn’t make you more beautiful – and it certainly doesn’t make you better than someone who might be carrying a few extra pounds.

What do you think of this mom’s decision to weigh her child each day? Do you think it’s OK? Tell us in comments.


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