Mom’s Video About the School Drop-Off Line is a Little Too Relatable

Author and mother of two Susannah B. Lewis went viral after recording a rant about the painstakingly slow school drop-off line while impatiently waiting to drop off her son and daughter at school.

Remember the days when one of your parents had to wake up unnaturally early just to drop you off at school? Let’s be honest, our parents deserve plenty of gratitude for this selfless act of kindness.

One day, I hope to be the kind of mother who is up before her kids and has a moment to meditate and reflect on peace and happiness before she gets herself involved in the school drop-off line.

Of course that won’t be me, but a girl can dream, right?

I see myself being more like Susannah B. Lewis, a loving mother of two from Medina, Tennessee, who will do anything for her children – but will probably make a rant video for every little thing.

As shown in her viral video posted on Popsugar, Lewis narrates the school drop-off line drag while waiting to drop off her own children.

She pinpoints multiple ways in which the drop-off line moves at the speed of my Wi-Fi when I have an article due to my editor in 30 minutes.

She details the mothers who hold up the line to force their children together for school photos (“We’ve been at school a week, and she is still taking pictures of him walking into this building. Lord!”), and mocks the recent “In My Feelings” challenge (“What are they doing? The ‘In My Feelings’ challenge? KeKe, go to class!”).

On top of all the mind-blowing ways this line gets stalled, Lewis also covers the insecurity that comes with mothers comparing themselves to other mothers who seem to have their life together more than others.

She makes a point to talk about the mothers who somehow found the time to shower and work out before getting themselves involved in the drop-off process – while she, on the other hand, is still in her pajamas and hasn’t even brushed her teeth yet.

At the end of the video, she sends her children off with a simple and exhausted, “Bye baby, I love you, have a good day.” I just wonder how this looks from the children’s perspective. Maybe this could be the next viral video for Lewis.

Do you have any funny school drop-off line stories to share?
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