Neighbor Sends Mom Photo of Son Standing Naked in Window

Mom tried to nab a quick shower while her 2-year-old watched Peppa Pig, but he had other ideas and climbed naked in the window for the whole world to see.

Toddlers can be tricky if you don’t keep a close eye. Jennifer Boysen, a licensed practical nurse, student and mom of two boys, learned this lesson the hard way earlier this month when she left her toddler son alone for a few moments.

Boysen had spent most of the day at school and needed to grab a shower. After spending some time alone with her son, Dax, she left him sitting on the bed enamored with an episode of Peppa Pig.

But, while mom in the shower, Dax stripped all the way down and proceeded to stand in the window for the entire block – and, subsequently, internet – to witness.

By the time Boysen got out of her shower, Dax was naked but back in front of his show. And mom would have been none the wiser – except a neighbor spotted the boy in the window and sent her a text telling her what was up.

You can see the original exchange here, but we warn you, there is strong language in it.

“Your kid is naked in your window,” the neighbor wrote in the text along with a tastefully edited image. “Not to send you a photo. I’ve deleted it. But I looked up when I got home and there he was.”

Boysen posted the text correspondence to Facebook, noting, “Ya know. Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor. I just cried I laughed so hard ???”

Her post was shared more than 150,000 times, and Boysen was interviewed by TODAY Parents.

“I just really could not stop laughing,” she told TODAY. “I feel like when you’re so busy and your days are planned out down to the minute, and something like that happens, it’s so unexpected. It was almost like, I could either laugh or cry because I couldn’t believe it had happened, so it was just going to laugh, and (my neighbor) was laughing along with me. She has kids and she gets it.”

And that’s probably the best attitude to have, because let’s be real: Dax is not the first toddler to strip off his clothes – and he likely won’t be the last. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the end of the world. And quite frankly, it is kind of funny.

Has your child ever done something like this? Tell us your story in the comments.


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