Self-Esteem Activities to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Help your little one grow into a confident young adult with these fun activities.

We all know how important it is to instill confidence in our kids. Giving them praise matters, but encouraging children to be competent is key to building their self-esteem. These activities will help give your child the boost they need to grow into confident young adults. 

Campfire circle

This activity is great for summer nights around a bonfire, but can just as easily be done inside the house while sitting on your sofa. Have each family member tell a story — it can be made up or an experience from their own life. Kids who struggle with confidence will have the opportunity to open up in a safe and loving environment. 

Gratitude journal

Studies show that practicing gratitude has big benefits, including boosting self-esteem. Paying attention to the good things in our lives helps us recognize strengths in ourselves. Have kids write or draw a few things they are thankful for on a daily or weekly basis. 


Geocaching is a fun way to work together as a family and spend quality time outdoors. Kids will be motivated by the chance to find treasure, plus performing a physical activity in nature helps increase endurance, facilitates creative thinking and builds muscle strength. To get started, sign up at

Bucket list

Have your child make a bucket list of things they would like to achieve or experience, both in the short term and long term. Their list can include everything from “learn to rollerblade” to “visit a new water park this summer.” Kids can check off each item as it’s completed, leaving them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way! 


Practicing yoga can help increase your child’s mindfulness and builds feel-good endorphins. Grab a mat and do a few poses with them in the morning before school. In need of inspo? The Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube has tons of fun, themed videos to get you started. 

Slime making 

Slime-making has been all the rage with kids for the last few years. And while not every parent is a fan of the gooey craft project, there are some solid reasons to make slime. Kids get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when they complete a task well, especially when it requires exact ingredients. After mastering the craft, they can teach their friends their new skills. 

Create a recipe

Does your child have an idea for a tasty food combination? Maybe they want to add a new spin to a classic dish, like pineapple on pizza or cereal on ice cream. Have your little one experiment with ingredients, then discuss what they would change next time. Learning from mistakes is an essential part of building their morale. 

Family compliment jar 

Some kids respond well to verbal praise, and seeing compliments written out is an especially sweet way to encourage them. A family compliment jar is easy to create: Just grab an empty container and some construction paper. Assign a different color of paper to each family member, then get to writing! Compliments could include simple phrases like, “I love your smile” or “You’re such a kind and helpful sibling.”

Cooperative board games 

Cooperative games work well for kids who aren’t interested in competition (not to mention reduce any “No, I’m winning!” squabbles among siblings). By working together against the board, families are bonding and achieving a common goal.

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